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Democratising Air Quality

Sustainable Technology examples: “Democratising Air Quality”
About this article: In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, some companies are dedicated to pushing the boundaries and making life better for all of us. One such visionary is Julia...

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A selection of articles exploring sustainable technologies and technology innovation for sustainable development.

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Recent TechWithPurpose news updates, and exclusive interviews with purpose-driven leaders using technology to make our world a better place for all.

The Role of Technology and Sustainability

The Role of Technology and Sustainability: How technologies are helping us achieve a more sustainable planet and more sustainable business.

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Private companies have an “obligation” to contribute to climate solutions

From COP27: Private companies have an “obligation” to contribute to climate solutions. How can smaller businesses do their bit?


Reducing 20% of 20%, Carbon Re

Carbon Re close £4.2m funding round to reduce global cement production emissions by 20%.

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Graphene’s atoms create free energy

Graphene’s atoms create free energy. Can graphene provide long term green energy for free. Potentially, yes!

#graphene #techwithpurpose #greenenergy

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New Fund for GreenTech

New Fund for GreenTech. R-evolution to provide seed investment (50k-500k) to disruptive #circulareconomy #renewableenergy #greentech and #climatetech #startups #sustainably #HexagonAB

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Plastic Rains Diamonds

Plastic Rains Diamonds. Turning plastic waste into diamonds and ‘exotic water’. New research from Germany #research #technology #techwithpurpose

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Podcast – Making Things Work Podcast

Scott Features on the Making Things Work Podcast. Check out the recent #podcast with #BMLDigital where we talk about how to build #sustainability into organisations.

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Steps towards Sustainable Space Tech

This startup is one of several small, but significant steps to harnessing the power of space and Earth orbit sustainably.


€10.5 million to help prevent wildfire destruction

Dryad secure €10.5 million to help prevent wildfire destruction.


Turning Photovoltaic end of life into Opportunity

Turning Photovoltaic end of life into Opportunity . New research promises new life for end of life #solarpanels

#ClimateAction #circulareconomy


    Sustainability + Technology

    Sustainability is a broad term often incorporated in other concepts such as the Triple Bottom Line (people, planet, prosperity), the UN SDGs, and Environment Social and Governance (ESG). Fundamentally, increased action towards sustainability is critical for human longevity on this planet, and makes good business sense, too. This selection of articles focuses on sustainability and sustainable technologies.

    Game Changers

    Game Changers are technologies that change the way we work, live and play, with a sustainability focus. These articles include sustainable technology examples utilising artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), Robots, Edge Computing and Virtual Reality, among others.

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    Intelligent Buildings, Human-First Tech, Wellbeing and Productivity

    Intelligent Buildings, Human-First Tech, Wellbeing and Productivity

    Soner talks about intelligent buildings, smart cities and their role in human well-being. Soner also shares his inspirations
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    Technology, Design to Deliver UN SDGs, Be Good Ancestors

    Technology, Design to Deliver UN SDGs, Be Good Ancestors

    In this interview we talk about donut & circular economies, applying permaculture ethics to business, the UN SDGs, AI to spot air pollution, and food waste.
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