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AgriTech Robots, Green Transport, Health

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Tech With Purpose News

Today there’s a few micro-themes to the TechWithPurpose news: AgriTech Robots, Green Transportation (including and exclusive funding announcement), Health & the NHS. Plus a fascinating set of SDG framework extensions to make the UN SDGs more approachable for jobseekers and an opportunity to meet and pitch to green tech investors.

AgriTech Robots

Tom, Dick and Harry go farming

Well, actually it’s Wilma, Tom and Dick, the weed destroying robot tag team. This British robotics company has created a suite of robots and controllers to locate and destroy weeds in crops. This has got to be a better way than blindly blanketing everything with chemicals. Read more here.

Exclusive: Weed-whacker Robot Grabs Cash

Another AgriTech chemical-alternative robot helper just closed a €750k funding round. This helps them start their first paid pilots this month with the ‘Weed Whacker’ robot. Weed Whacker aims, initially to help organic farmers with the strenuous work of hand-weeding. aspire to help farmers switch from conventional chemical methods, to more sustainable agricultural methods with their mechanical weeding robots as a service offering. Read more here.

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Green Transportation

Einride raises $110m, targets USA

Autonomous trucking startup Einride raises $110M and aims to reduces emmissions for its customers by 94%. Next step for these rather funky looking transportation pods is the USA. Read more here.

Green “man ‘n’ a van”

Continuing the transport theme, London based startup InstantPickup provides owners of electric light commercial vehicles a level of differentiation with the ‘first online platform that connects drivers of sustainable vans to people who need their services’. Read more here.

Health & NHS

Heart Scans Battle Pandemic backlog

This is the first technology I’ve seen that is flagged as helping “solve the post COVID 19 backlog”. I expect to see a lot more. This tech turns CT scans into 3D models and help determine heart disease in less than an hour. The tech, HeartFlow, is expected to be used to help 100,000 patients before before 2024 Read more here.

Music to heal

AI startup, MediMusic is in trials with the NHS to prove that AI curated playlists can help reduce heart reat and blood pressure, leading to better clinical outcomes for patients. Apparently dementia patients saw reductions of up to 22% in their heart rate and that it could cut some NHS departments costs by a quarter. Read more here.

Related Articles

Extended SDG Frameworks

I use the UN SDGs as a framework to focus my work on this site. Simply, if you’re a tech company or leader with a desire to help achieve one or more of the SDGs then I’m interested. The SDGs, admittedly, are not perfect and can seem unapproachable in their scale, so that’s what I liked about these ‘extension’ frameworks from Pauline Laravoire, they attempt to make them easier to get invovled with, and more relevant for jobseekers. Read more here.

Ronaldo’s Social Media and CO2

An interesting stat in this partnership announcement from EcoPing and Antrop says a post from footballer Ronaldo can generate as much carbon emisison as 10 average households, and the digital energy needs across the planet are only 37% renewable Read more here.

Book Your Slot – Greentech investor 1:1 time

The Greentech alliance is hosting Europe-wide Climate Tech Office Hours with 25 investors from leading European funds. If you’re a founder of a climate tech business and would like the opportunity to have 1-on-1 time with investors, to pitch your business, or for mentoring, fill out this short application.
Read more here.


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