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An AgriTech opinion, VR Suicide Prevention, AI tackles food waste & wildfires, power from waves

An AgriTech opinion, VR Suicide Prevention, AI tackles food waste & wildfires

In Tech With Purpose Newsletter by Scott

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Today we look at AI to help predict wildfire hotspots, VR in suicide prevention training, Blockchain in architecture, AI to tackle food waste, a call for AI for Good companies and an opinion on “talk vs walk” in AgriTech – too much talk?

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Artificial Blowhole Creates Real Energy

There have been many ways to capture wave energy, this latest innovation in blowhole tech improves performance and resilience through an updated one-way turbine. Read more about the artificial blowhole here.

Blockchain, Sustainability and Architecture

Seeing as approximately 6% of GHG emissions come from construciton of building sand 12% from powering them (non-industrial), technologies to improve building sustainability are important. This article discusses the opportunity for Blockchain to accelerate sustainability in architecture, design and sustainable buidlings. Read more here.

Statistics come from this very interesting article, shared with me by Samuel Bühlmann of Project Oasis.

VR in Airforce Suicide Prevention Training

The power and efficacy of Virtual Reality for training and therapy is something I’ve touched on before in an article about VR and Emotion. In this article the US Air Force are using it to help train airmen on how to help their fellow airmen that might be struggling to cope. Read more here.

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UK Launches a Tech Zero Task Force

The UK enlists fast growing tech companies to help drive their green agenda. The ‘Tech Zero task force’ currently includes Bulb, Citymapper, GoCardless, Habito, MoneySuperMarket Group, Revolut and Starling Bank, and backed by Tech Nation. Read more here.

NEC helps reduce food waste with AI

Asia’s biggest food-wasting country, Japan, looks to tech to help solve their food waste issue. Many tech companies are getting involved, but NEC is using AI to analyse data such as weather, calendar and purchasing trends to predict demand Read more here.

AI For Good – DataRobot

Open to applications, DataRobot launches its second AI For Good cohort. Through this programme, nonprofits and social good organizations can get free access to DataRobot’s AI platform. Read more here.

AgriTech, More Action, Less Talk

New Report suggests that we need Less talk, more action behind climate-smart AgriTech. Perhaps we need more action, but I would say more talk, not less talk is needed. Regarding the lack of action, perhaps slow investment is due to lack of clear evidence on the ROI? What’s your experience? Read more here.

UK Public More Sustainability Focused Than Ever

This recent survey by Dorset-based tech-for-good app developer 3 Sided Cube suggests that the majority of the public are looking for digital apps, business and government action to help support sustainable lifestyle changes. Read more here.

Demand for Sustainability Info in Food Purchasing

More than a third of 18-44 year old rated sustainability as “extremely important” When making food purchasing decisions. Read more here.

AI Helps Predict Wildfire Hotspots

As discussed in my article and interview, wildfires are a major climate issue, contributing as much as 20% to annual carbon dioxide emissions whilst simultaneously destroying one of nature’s major sequestration capabilities. In the previous article I talked about preventing wildfire by sensing them early, this tech could help even further, by using AI to predict them. Read more here.


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