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Technology seems to be accelerating at an ever increasing pace, doesn't it?
Certainly, the promise of technology is alluring. It paves the way to greater equality, greater inclusivity and lowers barriers to help create new markets and disrupt entrenched players.
Yet, for many, technology is the barrier. It is confusing, full of meaningless jargon and the faster technology evolves, the more detached from it people become.

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My background is in technology, communications and marketing. I've spent my life finding ways to talk about technology that non-techies get.

I write about examples of 5G use cases, deployments for Internet of Things (I.o.T.) services, how artificial intelligence (A.I.) is being put too good, not scary use, the servicisation of everything, from batteries to cars, and much more.

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This website talks about interesting technologies and their application in the world around us, in a way that everyone can understand. 

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Scott writes about interesting technology in the world around us

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