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Named as One of The World’s Most Inspiring Businesses.

When I started this website I knew I wanted to do something with more meaning, more purpose. But that was about it in terms of a strategy.

It took a while to find my feet and establish a direction, but pretty soon I developed a focus on what I coined as Tech With Purpose.

Tech With Purpose encapsulates interesting use cases of technologies as well as the story behind their development and the impact they achieve.

It was soon after developing the Tech With Purpose focus that I realised I need to have a common vocabulary to talk about the impact of these technologies, which led me towards embracing the UN SDGs to create that shared understanding and identity.

Along this journey I have met amazing people, discovered some fascinating stories and learned so much. One thing I’ve been sharing a lot in recent conversations and interviews is my discovery about passion and purpose.

In short, after speaking with many inspiring leaders who are using technology to make an impact, I have learnt that purpose-driven leaders are often motivated to action through deeply personal experiences. That personal experience drives purpose, and from that purpose flows passion. Combined, the purpose and passion are inspiring, even contagious.

Purpose is personal.
Purpose develops passion.
Passion is contagious.

Passion & Purpose, Noticed.

And this leads me to this exciting, yet humbling announcement.

named - worlds most inspiring businessThe passion and purpose I have put into building this website, helping amplify the aspirations of others and integrating business for good into my business as usual has been well and truly noticed.

I am absolutely excited to announce that Well, That’s Interesting Tech! has been recognised as one of the worlds most inspiring businesses.

Commenting on our inclusion in his book, Steve Pipe, the author said:

“Well That’s Interesting Tech! is really raising the bar, inspiring an entire generation, and making a profound difference to the planet and to humanity. And one thing is really clear… the world would be a much better place if more businesses thought and acted like yours.”

Take a look at the book here or jump straight to the Well, That’s Interesting Tech! entry.


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Scott is an Independent Technology Analyst, Content Writer and Connector of interesting people. Scott is a technologist at heart, with a history of technology innovation and marketing leadership roles. As the founder of this website and several other businesses, he is passionate about helping technology companies communicate their relevance and awesomeness in a way that engages and excites everybody. Get in touch with Scott here or connect with him on LinkedIn. Learn Scott's tips for content marketing, download his free template here..