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Brain implants, CleanTech, Impact Panel and … Tartan

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In this week’s particularly varied Tech With Purpose news summary you’ll find vegan boiled eggs, brain implant research, EU meetings to push eco-transport, a fantastic panel session, a FoodTech exhibition, a handful of NASDAQ companies delivering sustainable technology, and, Tartan.

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EU CleanTech Startups with UK ambitions

Start-ups looking to get into the GreenTech/CleanTech action that is surrounding the COP26 conference can take part in this mentoring event to learn more about the UK market, fundraising, growth strategy and the UK’s CleanTech sector. Read more here.

Brain-Implant Text Messaging

This breakthrough brain-implant research claims to provide people with paralysis the ability to write at speeds rivaling the texting speeds of able-bodied adults. It works by interpreting the brain signals of the user as they imagine writing words Read more here.

Moving Forward to Clean, Safe, Healthy and Inclusive Mobility

An upcoming meeting of EU leaders aims to look at the issues if ambient air pollution, traffic noise, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from inland transport, physical inactivity, socioeconomic disparities and exclusion, road traffic injuries, economic inefficiency, land take and the loss of biodiversity, unsustainable behaviours, and incoherent policymaking. That’s quite an agenda!

The meeting plans to set recommendations related to new pandemic created transport challenges and to strive to make post-pandemic mobility more environmentally sound, healthy, resilient, and sustainable. It is expected eco-mobility and cycling will be of primary focus. Read more here.

Future Impact Panel Session

There’s going to be a really interesting sustainability event this week, run by Startup Disrupt. Tickets are free and there are a few places left so grab a ticket now. More info and tickets here.
(Oh, and did I mention, I’ll be taking part in the discussion? See you there!)

Tartan, a pattern of sustainability

This is an unusual news article for me, and not particularly focused on tech, but I found it interesting nonetheless, and it is sustainability related, so let’s talk Tartan.

Tartan is updating its image in the 21st Century, with new patterns exploring issues around climate change, homelessness – and World War Two dive bombers. Read more here.

Danish investment focuses on SDG contributions

The Danish international investment fund for ‘underdeveloped’ countries (IFU) has recently been focusing on supporting various helping countries contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals by producing cutting-edge technology in renewable energy, climate control, sanitation, transport, and infrastructure and creating new green jobs. Read more here.

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Five NASDAQ listed companies doing SDG related work

This article highlights ‘five lesser-known’ companies that are aiming to deliver positive impacts on the climate. The list includes Capstone Turbine Corporation (micro turbine power generation), Keppel Corp (offshore & marine engineering and construction service investment), MAN SE (Owned by Volkswagen and the birthplace of the diesel engine), Renewable Energy Group (production and trade of advanced biofuels) and Schneider Electric (helping companies reduce energy consumption and achieve carbon neutrality) Read more here.

Pulling Plastic Pollution from the Ocean

Asquan launches the Ocean Waste Collection Program, to use innovation to support eco-systems and protect the oceans. As of 2015, 8.3 billion tons of plastic have been produced since the 1950s. 60% or the equivalent in weight of more than 470,000 Eiffel Towers, has already ended up in landfills, oceans and in the environment. If we keep the current “business as usual” scenario, it is estimated that there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish by 2050. Read more here.

FoodTech – Vegan Boiled Eggs

There’s a lot of talk about meat-free FoodTech, so this one caught my attention as focusing on another animal-derived product. Eggs. Osome Food claims to have created the world’s first plant-based hard-boiled egg, in an effort to provide consumers superfoods without the need of harming animals or compromising on health immunity benefits. Read more here.

FoodTech – Exhibition

Foodtech startups can apply to (virtually) exhibit at the Big Meet 2021. It’s free and gives exposure to investor and partners for selected teams. Big Meet is an annual foodtech conference bringing together some of the world’s leading investors, entrepreneurs, chefs and other movers and shakers for 5 days of the future of food bonanza. Read more here.


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