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Stopping Wildfires Before They Start using LoRA IOT

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Technology With Purpose Leader InterviewsStopping Fires, Preventing Millions of Tonnes of CO2 We want to detect wildfires at this smouldering stage within the first hour as the fire develops, so that the firefighters …

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AI Video Meeting Intelligence

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Here’s a thought:Analysing Zoom Calls Natural language processing (NLP) is now so ubiquitous many of us take it for granted. Analysing the spoken word has become almost mundane, but what …

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Solving a connectivity issue, my experience with an eSIM.

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About this article: Faced with a mobile phone line that was stuck in an unrecoverable state, and a phone number that was crucial for two-factor authentication, let alone business, I …

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Why is 5G such a big deal?

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Getting some answers about 5G:How is 5G different from 4G? What are the benefits? And more… When I introduce myself in social settings, the most frequent questions I get back …

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5G and AI Use Cases For Health

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Just a moment,What Will 5G Do For Me? Over the last few days we’ve enjoyed getting together with new friends for drinks and grilled food in the garden. When people find …

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One Year of Interesting Technology

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About this article: As this website turns one year old, I look back at some of the Top 7 interesting technology articles. Celebrating One Year Of Interesting Technology  Listen to the …

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Location and Asset Trackers

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Location Trackers –  Recently I noticed the launch of Vodafone’s latest NB-IoT consumer GPS tracking device, the Curve, and it raised some questions. This article covers a few location-based services …