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Stopping Wildfires Before They Start using LoRA IOT

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Technology With Purpose Leader Interviews: Stopping Fires, Preventing Millions of Tonnes of CO2 We want to detect wildfires at this smouldering stage within the first hour as the fire develops, so that the firefighters …

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Healthier Buildings with IoT

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Making Buildings Healthier with IoT Technologies and Building Management There are many companies working with IoT and Artificial Intelligence applications to make buildings smarter and healthier. In this example from South …

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Location and Asset Trackers

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Location Trackers –  Recently I noticed the launch of Vodafone’s latest NB-IoT consumer GPS tracking device, the Curve, and it raised some questions. This article covers a few location-based services …

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Examples of Artificial Intelligence

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AI Examples – Artificial Intelligence And the Consumer Journey I get quite a few companies asking me to host their content on my website, and I’m careful about what I choose. …

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Contactless Access Control Systems

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Interesting Tech Company Profile: Contactless Entry The value of being able to remotely secure, unlock and open doors has been growing steadily, but there have been a few important inflexion points …

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IoT Waste Management In Smart Cities

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About this article: Whilst the futuristic sci-fi inspired cities of your dreams may still be some way away, Smart Cities are already here, and getting smarter. I look at one …

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IOT Edge Computing and Data Sustainability

In Edge Computing, Internet of Things (IoT), Sustainability by Scott2 Comments

About this article: Tens of billions of Internet of Things gadgets and devices will cause billions of tons of CO2, what can be done using IOT Edge Computing to mitigate …

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Sustainable Technology For a Digital Supply Chain

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About this article: Food Security is a big issue for the planet, so I speak with a company about IoT in Shipping and Logistics, and how this is helping improve …

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“Good Morning”, said the Intelligent Building

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About this article: Are we close to intelligent buildings? I speak with BEAD about using IoT to digitise buildings, and the journey from Smart to Intelligent buildings. Company Info & …