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Healthier Buildings with IoT

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Making Buildings Healthier with IoT Technologies and Building Management There are many companies working with IoT and Artificial Intelligence applications to make buildings smarter and healthier. In this example from South …

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AI Video Meeting Intelligence

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Here’s a thought:Analysing Zoom Calls Natural language processing (NLP) is now so ubiquitous many of us take it for granted. Analysing the spoken word has become almost mundane, but what …

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Why Emotion Technology Is Important

In Article, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Health and Well Being, Virtual Reality by Scott1 Comment

About this article: Emotions dictate how we perceive the world, the decisions we make and the actions we take. In this article I look at the importance of being able …

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Blockchain and the future of education

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How Blockchain Can Empower Learner Mobility:Building Portability and Trust Into Education A few years ago when building a team I stumbled into the pitfalls of an HR background checking process …

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Data & AI Strategy Post Covid-19 – Webinar

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Just a moment, How Will AI Help Companies Post-Covid? I was delighted to attend the AI webinar hosted by Austin Fraser. This short post looks at the main takeaways from the …

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What Happens to Fuel Stations When We All Go Electric?

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Just a moment, What Will The Forecourt of The Future Sell? At some point in the near-ish future, electric vehicles (EV) will be more commonplace, and popping out to fill up …

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5G and AI Use Cases For Health

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Just a moment,What Will 5G Do For Me? Over the last few days we’ve enjoyed getting together with new friends for drinks and grilled food in the garden. When people find …

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More Efficient Staff On-Boarding Using AI

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Interesting Tech Company Profile: Upskilling and Onboarding Staff A few weeks ago I was speaking with a friend at a large UK based company about some of the challenges they will …

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One Year of Interesting Technology

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About this article: As this website turns one year old, I look back at some of the Top 7 interesting technology articles. Celebrating One Year Of Interesting Technology  Listen to the …