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Why Emotion Technology Is Important

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About this article: Emotions dictate how we perceive the world, the decisions we make and the actions we take. In this article I look at the importance of being able …

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Location and Asset Trackers

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Location Trackers –  Recently I noticed the launch of Vodafone’s latest NB-IoT consumer GPS tracking device, the Curve, and it raised some questions. This article covers a few location-based services …

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Examples of Artificial Intelligence

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AI Examples – Artificial Intelligence And the Consumer Journey I get quite a few companies asking me to host their content on my website, and I’m careful about what I choose. …

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Why Some Companies Shun Cloud For On-Premise

In Digital Technologies, Article by Scott2 Comments

About this article: A huge proportion of companies are using Cloud, and the pressure to move applications to the Cloud has never been greater. However, not all applications are suitable …

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Dealing With Cyber Threats and Remote Working

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About this article: Cyber Security is a risk for all of us, whether we’re freelancers, telecom giants or a family business. The rapid increase in remote working practices has led …