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This Week’s Top Tech4Good News

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Some of the most importantTech For Good and Tech For Impact News  In this article, I look for some of the most important tech4good and tech4impact news stories that you …

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Will Electric Vehicles Take Over?

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Talking about the accelerating Electric Vehicles Market As the UK government announced a ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars that will come into force in 2030, visits …

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Healthier Buildings with IoT

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Making Buildings Healthier with IoT Technologies and Building Management There are many companies working with IoT and Artificial Intelligence applications to make buildings smarter and healthier. In this example from South …

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Why Emotion Technology Is Important

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About this article: Emotions dictate how we perceive the world, the decisions we make and the actions we take. In this article I look at the importance of being able …

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Climeworks’ Carbon Capture Technology

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Interesting Tech Company Profile: Carbon Capture Using the Planet’s Own Heat  Spurred on by reducing costs, improving “investability” and increased political support, many companies are realising the dream being able to …

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Carbon Sequestration In Buildings

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Interesting Tech Company Profile: Carbon Sequestration in Building Materials Amongst the political bluster, lobbying and publicity campaigns, real progress is being made in technologies to help combat climate change. Whilst the …