I wanted to say a big thank you for working with me this year.

Instead of sending gifts, I wanted to do something more sustainable, so have put together something I hope you will enjoy.

The form below gives you the opportunity to support one of three projects, each with a different sustainability impact.

One project has a focus on biodiversity and climate, another is focused on a tech + nature approach to removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and the last is nature + community focused on address climate and societal issues.

There is no cost or commitment from you, I will sponsor each of these on your behalf as a way of saying “thank you”. If you decide to input your email address, then you will receive a follow up email detailing the impact of your support.

Thank you!


Use this form to

Do Something Good for the World

Please click on one of the projects above to find out more.
Providing your email address is entirely optional.
If you provide your email, I can send you a follow up email detailing the project that was supported on your behalf.
If you don't, then I can't send you the follow up, but will still support a good cause for you.