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Interviewing Purpose-Driven Tech Leaders

In the search for inspiring stories about technologies, companies and leaders that aspire to make this world a better place, I speak with leaders from all over the planet about what drives them and what they hope to achieve.

Sustainable Technologies

Watch the videos and listen to the interviews to hear how businesses are developing their sustainability strategies, and using technology as a way to achieve sustainable business practices aligned with the UN SDGs.

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Interviews with Leaders about their Purpose, Technology and Vision.

Robert Millman

CEO, Electric Sky
Electric Sky is a very exciting start-up company developing safer, faster, more-economical vehicles for travelling around and off the planet.
How do we make space launch something that is economical enough that the average Jane or Joe can go to space?
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tech with purpose leader interviews robert millman CEO electric sky

Carsten Brinkschulte

Co-founder & CEO, Dryad Networks
Dryad Networks sets out plans for ultra-early wildfire detection solution, their vision is to digitise the world’s forests and help protect and regrow the world’s largest carbon sinks.
We want to detect wildfires at this smouldering stage within the first hour as the fire develops, so that the firefighters still have a good chance to extinguish the fire before it spins out of control.
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tech with purpose leader interviews carsten brinkschulte dryad networks

Eller Everett

Co-Founder of Both Of Us Ltd
Both Of Us combine technology, design and illustration to help companies working towards their Sustainable Development Goals.
We may recycle a few things but, barely anything. The idea of a circular economy is that we keep all of these products, all of these materials in the economy.
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tech with purpose leader interviews eller everett both of us

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Soner Haci

CEO & Founder, BEAD
BEAD creates digital models of buildings by using real-time data in order to understand human behaviour and occupancy patterns of buildings and use the analytics to create Autonomous Digital Buildings.
I think what the future will bring is connecting and creating a really human kind of technology for buildings.
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tech with purpose leader interviews soner haci

Josh Clemente

Founder & President, Levels
A veteran of both SpaceX and Hyperloop One, and a background in designing life support systems for the next generation of space exploration, Josh joins us to talk about transforming health with Levels’ biowearables.
This is the collision of two pandemics and if we can increase  metabolic health we can very likely improve resilience to the next viral attack.
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Josh Clemente - Founder Levels - Biowearables

Dr Nicholas Prior

Co-Founder of Minderful
Dr Prior is Co-Founder of Minderful and a specialist mental health doctor. He talks to me about his personal journey and his vision for how Minderful can help improve our mental wellbeing.
We want to build that resilience which is really just a kind of bank of happiness and positivity to actually prevent mental illness.
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Dr Nicholas Prior Minderful

Ian Caveney

Head of Tech For Good, BT
Ian believes that any brand or business needs a clear ‚Äúpurpose‚ÄĚ if they want to have any long term success. Ian has seen how a clear purpose drives strong commercial success, whilst simultaneously delivering environmental and societal benefits.
The sustainability team has a commercial lens to it because it has to have value. To have longevity it has to be able to fund itself. We're selling things that have a positive impact - it's profit with purpose.
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tech with purpose leader interviews ian caveney bt

Francesco Carbone

COO of Kenjo
Francesco Carbone, COO of Kenjo, passionately believes in human potential and studying what truly drives people and businesses.
Allow yourself to forget about titles, forget about salary benchmarks. Just think about what you want to create.
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Francesco Carbone - Tech With Purpose, Tech 4 Good - HR recruitment - kenjo

Daniel Maggs

CEO of Bisu
I talk with Daniel Maggs, CEO of Bisu, about the valuable health information we flush away each day, and how we could be using these insights to help us look, feel and perform our best.
Covid has shown that there's a huge awareness now of the importance of proactively managing your health in a non-neurotic way.
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Daniel Maggs - HealthTech Startup Combats Global Health Issues with Lab On a Chip

Angela Baker

Qualcomm For Good
Angela leads Qualcomm's ESG, CSR and Qualcomm For Good activities. She shares her motivations, her career story that spans international government work, to semi-conductors and telecoms. Angela also talks about some of the projects she is most proud of at Qualcomm.
Sustainable assets, ESG funds, under management over the last two years have grown by around 96%. I think Europe is leading in this.
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qualcomm for good tech for good angela baker

Graeme Cox

CEO, Co-Founder Emteq Labs
Graeme joins me in this series of Tech With Purpose interviews to talk about what drove him to start Emteq Labs, and why technology that understands our emotions is important in Virtual Reality.
Clearly anything that can read emotions could be applied for both human good, but also for nefarious purposes. Our work is to maximise the good, and help protect against the bad.
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Graeme Cox Emotional Awareness Tech Emotion Tech Virtual Reality - tech With Purpose Interview

Tom Greenwood

Wholegrain Digital
Tom and his wife set up their company, Wholegrain Digital, as a bit of an experiment to see how hard it was to build a sustainable company. It turns out, it is really rather hard. Tom shares his experience of building a sustainable digital agency, and becoming BCorp certified.
I thought, well you know, the best way to find out whether it is possible to run a business in a sustainable way is to start a business and try and to do it.
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Tom Greenwood - Tech With Purpose Tceh 4 Good Sustainable Companies

Noman Ahmed

CEO, BrighterBins
BrighterBins solves a growing problem in cities that are struggling to be clean, CO2 neutral and sustainable. Their technology adds intelligence and route optimisation for municipal waste management.
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tech with purpose leader interviews noman ahmed smartness brighter bins

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