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Detect Bias In Your News

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This Could Be Quite Promising - 
Detecting News Feed Bias

When I saw the announcement about a browser plugin that could alert you to bias in news articles, I got quite excited.

We hear so much about bias and fake news, I thought this would be a fantastic tool to test out. And with the monumental US election, I thought I'd test it out on a few well known news outlets that were covering the events.

Sadly, the first time I tried this plugin, it just didn't work. So I contacted the developer to see why.

UPDATED: See below 👇

After speaking with the developer, I found out why the technology wasn't working as expected, So what was wrong? I was initially getting messages like this:

meantime - bias detection plugin - us election - washington post

It turns out that the plugin works on individual articles, not a home page. This is something the developer will be making a bit more clear in forthcoming versions of the plugin.

Now, with this information I have been able to test out a few sites, and found some interesting results below.

If you're looking for technologies to help identify bias in the news articles you read, you should check out the Meatime.

how to detect bias in news - meantime plugin

Detecting Bias In News Articles - Meantime

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