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ESG Investing, Space Startups and C-V2X

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Tech With Purpose News: ESG investing update and more

In the first Tech With Purpose news summary of 2021 I include articles that look at the boom of ESG investing, “cellular to vehicle to everything” communications using Mobile Edge Computing, reducing AI bias and a couple of Japanese SpaceTech startups. Plus, one article interviews tech leaders about their thoughts and visions for 2021. This is a topic I will be exploring further in my upcoming research programme.

How secure are the 63 million US smart homes?

Whilst this article depicts a cliché smarthome of the future, it cites Berg Insight’s data that predicts 63 Million smart homes in the US by 2022, highlighting the cyber security risk of in-home IoT command and control devices. Read more here.

Reducing Bias In artificial intelligence with less data

How Less-than-one-shot (LO-shot) machine learning algorithms could combat bias in artificial intelligence. Read more here.

ESG investing rapidly becoming mainstream

ESG investing will reach half of all portfolios in the next 4 years, yet $6.9tn/year still needs to be invested to reach the UN SDGs by 2030. Read more here.

Are VCs missing the ESG Opportunity?

Companies that focus on ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) goals typically outperform those that don’t in the mid and long term. This article explores whether VCs are missing the opportunity. Read more here.

Tip: As ESG investing and impact investing continue to boom, we’ll be covering more tech companies and leaders delivering environmental, social and governance good. Sign up to our newsletter for weekly alerts.

2021 Opportunity, Optimism and Hope From Tech

Tech leaders talk about why 2021 is a year of excitement and hope in this GeekWire interview. CEO of the Allen Institute for AI, said 2021 “will be the start of a renaissance in tech as people prioritize jobs that have real and direct benefit for humanity and the planet. The days of building tech for tech’s sake are gone, it’s time for the tech industry to realize its ethical responsibilities.” Read more here.

This is a theme I will be exploring further in my upcoming research programme. Find out more here.

How a Vertical Farm In Denmark will cut carbon emissions

Danish vertical farm company Nordic Harvest and Taiwanese tech company YesHealth Group to supply 1,000 tons of food, the same as 20 football pitches. Read more here.

Space Startup Hunts Down Space Junk

Japanese space startup Astroscale shifts its space junk removal satellite, ready for launch in March. Read more here.

Sustainable Satellite Technologies Heating Up

Another Japenese space statup that is aiming to reduce space junk. Sumitomo Forestry and Koyoto University are building satellites out of wood, so they burn up on re-entry. Read more here.

MEC deployments help drive Vehicle to Everything

Verizon and AWS launch 5G mobile edge computing (MEC) in more US locations. Companies, such as HARMAN, are already using these cpabilities to develop ultra-low latency applications. HARMAN is developing C-V2X solutions that allow vehicles to communicate with other objects and systems on the go, with low latencies and high throughput. Read more here.

What is MEC, anyway?

Want to know more about Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) and the benefits it can bring, this article attempts to explain MEC in simple language. Read more here.

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