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Ethics, AI in agriculture, $100M CCS Prize

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Tech With Purpose News

In today’s weekly roundup of Tech With Purpose news, I have shortlisted articles that look at AI and its role in agriculture and oncology, plus a masters degree that teaches AI and Ethics. Beyond AI, you’ll find articles on a $100M Musk-baked prize fund for carbon capture, anti-facial recognition and telemedicine for children.

AI powered telemedicine for children raises $132M

AI powered telemedicine specialist, K Health, raises $132 million taking their total funding to $271 million. The new raise will go towards their new services aimed at providing pediatric telemedicine for children aged 3 to 17. Read more here.

Making suppliy chains smarter

With supply chains generating five times the amount of greenhouse gases, than day-to-day operations, this contribution to Forbes discusses how AI can be used to make supply chains smarter, and more sustainable. Read the article here.

More for you:

How IoT can help reduce 1.3bn tonnes of spoiled food through more intelligent supply chains. Read more here

$100M from Musk to help grow Carbon Capture Tech

Elon Musk is donating $100M to find the best carbon capture technology. He hopes the prize fund, part of the XPrize foundation, will help carbon capture comapnies overcome some of the high startup costs. Read more here.

Protecting photos from facial recognition

This anti-facial recognition system, reduces accuracy of identification from 93% to 0.6%. You might also find my previous articles on facial recognition interesting. Read more here. You might also find this article of interest; Protecting Against Facial Recognition

Are the efforts to secure food and protect biodiversity at odds?

Interesting article that looks at a study to determine the collision of the protection of biodiversity and human food security. Commentary includes thoughts from Microsoft’s Chief Environment Officer. Read more here.

AI-for-agriculture startup in South Africa raises $17M

South African startup Aerobotics raises $17M to scale its AI-for-agriculture platform. Using artificial intelligence, drones and other robotics, its technology helps track and assess the health of these crops, including identifying when trees are sick, tracking pests and diseases, and analytics for better yield management.  Read more here.

More for you:

How robotic rooftop farming can drastically cut carbon emissions in the supply chain. Read more here

How one Company is tackling oncology care with AI

Technology Is Rapidly Changing Cancer Care, this company has built what it describes as “RADR, or Response Algorithm for Drug Positioning & Rescue” using proprietary AI techniques Read more here.

Teaching ethics, trust and transparency in AI

John Hopkins University Engineering course teaches students to harness power of AI for good. As well as the fundamentals of artificial intelligence it teaches ethical approaches to using the powerful technology. Read more here.


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