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Five 5G start-ups to watch, Ethical AI and Jobs

In Tech With Purpose Newsletter, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Mobile & 5G by Scott

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Tech With Purpose News

In this week’s Tech With Purpose technology news we’ve got jobs to protect against automated weapons, new foodstuffs, ethical AI, a handful of social impact start-ups and five 5G start-ups to watch.

Advocacy against automated weapons (job)

The Future of Life Institute (FLI) has a few job postings open, in particular this one that will lead their policy and advocacy efforts on both lethal autonomous weapon systems (lethal AWS) and on artificial intelligence (AI). Read more here.

Artificial Photosynthesis

New technology that mimics photosynthesis harnesses sunlight to split fresh and salt water and generate hydrogen for use in fuel cells. Read more here.

Long-forgotten foodstuff could reduce food shortage

Whilst there is currently no specific technical component in this news, it is worth noting due to the future possibilities – Spanish Michelin star chef discovers a forgotten foodstuff that could help address the growing food shortage, without placing demand on freshwater systems. Read more here.

Stop climate change by spending more on everything?

This TED talk by Jens Burchardt talks about how we could curb climate change by spending two percent more on everything. I would perhaps argue that instead of everything, maybe it is everything that doesn’t have clear and transparent sustainability credentials. This would also stimulate the development of technologies, techniques and markets needed to measure and track these things, which is a challenge ESG funds are also seeking to solve today. Read more here.

Interesting Tech With Purpose Articles

ESG Related articles, interviews and content on this site that you might find interesting

AI, jobs and training

AI doesn’t have to mean the end of jobs. Imagine ten years ago that someone described their role as a “social media executive”, imagine how difficult it would have been at a cocktail party 20 years ago to introduce your job as being responsible for IOT Edge Gateways. Similarly, AI will create roles and jobs hitherto unknown. However, as mentioned in this site previously, AI can also help retain, retrain and on-board staff more efficiently. When combined with distributed working and the benefits that can bring to attracting new talent, AI can help create opportunity for good jobs for more people, more fairly. In this article IBM talks about how they use AI in HR. Read more here.

Societal Impact Tech Accelerated by Covid

This WeForum article looks at how social innovation technologies have positively impacted millions of lives, and how the pandemic has accelerated these innovations. Technologies covered include meat alternative company Green Monday, AID:Tech’s blockchain tech aiming to empowering 1 billion people with a new way to prove their identity, location enabling the fight against covid in unaddressable places by one of my favourite tech companies what3words, digital addiction treatment by Workout Health, telemedicine healthtech company Glocal Healthcare, and an AI learning platform from Africa Teen Geeks. Read more here.

Five 5G Startups to Watch

Published last month, this emarketer report looks at some important 5G innovation questions, including what 5G applications are VC investing in (hint capital intensive things, like robotics, AI and edge computing), which 5G start-ups to watch (Celona, Movandi, Pensando, Vecna Robotics, Zyter) and what sectors telco operators are investing in (IT leads by a long way). Read more here.

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Record breaking investment in ethical AI

With a focus on explainable artificial intelligence, this Danish AI start-up breaks records with a near €6M seed investment. Perhaps this is in an indicator as to the importance of transparency in AI, especially in their current target markets; clinical trials, drug discovery, quality control and biopharmaceuticals. Read more here.

DAC hindered by CEO?

This is an interesting story about a leading Carbon Capture (Direct-Air-Capture DAC) company and how insiders are claiming the UN -recognised CEO is holding back the technology. The article leaves one speculating as to whether this is true, and if so why. My original thought was maybe it was a case of trying not to be too early to the party, as being too early can be as catastrophic as being wrong. But as I read through it, I’m still wondering. What do you think? Read more here.


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