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I provide freelance technical writing services to companies looking to better communicate their technology products and services.

This website is the product of decades of experience and my passion for both discovering, and writing about innovative technologies. As a freelance technical writer for hire, my services are both comprehensive and flexible.

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Decades of experience

Having studied Cybernetics and Control Engineering, I am a technologist at heart. 

Since then I've worked for international heavy weights, helped grow start-ups and built my own businesses.

Through all of this, there has been one constant theme - explaining technology in ways non-technologists understand. Read more about my background here.

Industry Recognised

My commentary has been featured on international and national TV shows, consumer and trade publications, radio broadcasts and many websites.

As a well-known industry expert, I am honoured to be a judge in the mobile industry's annual awards, the GLOMOS and a member of the Tech London Advocates & Global Tech Advocates.

Additionally, I am often asked to speak about technology at events. 


Partnering with me on your technology writing projects gives you access to my vast, high-quality professional network.

My LinkedIn network runs into the thousands of connections, encompassing global C-Suite executives, hardware and software companies, investors, entrepreneurs, media, journalists and heads of state.

Creatively Fun

My passion is writing about technology in a way everyone can benefit from, and I've been doing this for decades. One of the things I have learnt is it needs to be enjoyable.

I make the process of creating informative, valuable new technology marketing content easy, but also as enjoyable as I can.

Freelance Copywriter Services

Feature article

No-nonsense, powerful web content
If you're looking to hire a copywriter to help market your technology, you will be looking for someone who can create an easy to understand narrative, in strong native English - this is what I do best!

Benefits of a feature on this website:

Independent technology opinion
We'll have a short video call where I find out more about your technology and desired market positioning. From there, I independently craft an article that positions your technology in context.

Multi-use high value content
I don't believe in numbers for the sake of numbers. I focus on helping you reaching the people that matter, with content that resonates and inspires. To find out how this works download my case study presentation.

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Social influence
All feature articles are repeatedly promoted via the Well, That's Interesting Tech LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages, along with posts to my personal LinkedIn network.

Your technology product might be the most awesome thing, but if your audience doesn't understand it, it will fail. I write in language all your stakeholders, customer executives and investors will enjoy. 

Custom Copy

Content for your website
As a native English copywriter with a very deep understanding of technology marketing, I can create compelling SEO optimised content for your website that encourages visitor engagement. 

Content for your marketing collateral 
Naturally, anything I write in the Feature Article can be cited and used in your materials. Additionally, when you hire a content writer, you want someone who can help on your own website and in your other sales and marketing collateral. That's me.

Having held "VP" and "Head of" Marketing roles I have a strong track record that can help you achieve your goals. 

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Example Feature Articles

  • cyber security threat - cyber security audit - cyber awareness training

    A contextual article that created a new marketing opportunity for my client to expand their market presence.

  • smart city example iot smart waste management

    A native English article for an international client that describes the market opportunity for their IoT devices in Smart Cities.

  • sustainable transportation - train in mountains - passengera

    Helping a European client create a native English story that positioned them in a new market: Sustainable Technology

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