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Helping More Companies Improve Sustainability In Business

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New Collaboration Announcement

I've joined forces with an innovative consulting startup Portevo to help more companies improve their sustainability.

Together we aspire to enable more sustainability professionals to deliver greater positive impacts, faster.

Will you join me?

If you're a consultant or freelancer sustainability professional helping companies develop, implement and/or achieve their sustainability ambitions, then,

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Helping More Companies Answer the Important Question: 

How To Improve Sustainability In Business

Since launching this website in 2019, I have witnessed an astonishing growth in awareness and action towards sustainability in business.

I credit this seismic industry-agnostic shift to three macro events:

  1. Acceptance of the urgency of the climate emergency,
  2. The societal, economic and personal impacts of COVID and
  3. A shift in global investor attitudes towards ESG.

I have written about all of these factors in more detail across this site.

While I applaud and welcome this comparatively sudden shift in business practices, its ubiquity causes challenges for businesses of all sizes.

Stepping towards Sustainability

The intention of this website is to help address that in some ways, by showcasing the stories of leaders using technology to help achieve sustainable development across the planet, aligned with the UN SDGs.

Going beyond that, I provide a service to help businesses integrate automated sustainability actions into their business as usual, but I realise there is still so much more to do.

And that is what lead me to Portevo - the opportunity to multiply my impact, applying my skills and passion to help more companies become sustainable, good businesses, faster.

If like me, you are an individual or boutique agency working in the sustainability space and wish you could do more and could scale your impact then read on, and register below.

Joining forces with Portevo to 

Help More Businesses Improve Their Sustainability

For many companies, the journey towards more sustainable business practices and sustainability reporting presents many challenges.

With so many directions to choose, multiple, often conflicting requirements from suppliers, customers, investors, and immature industry practices, companies can suffer analysis paralysis or struggle to find the time or resource to carefully design and implement a coherent strategy.

Even though many standards (ISO14001, ESG etc) have been around for decades, and the recent swell in B-Corp registrations, according to Reuters, only 1.2% of companies disclose their climate & sustainability plans.

Collaborating, Partnering - Amplifying Impact!

Over the past years, I've built relationships with a large number sustainability professionals. Many of these freelance, or consultant practitioners work tirelessly and diligently with their clients to break through the hesitation and confusion, and help their customers deliver meaningful, sustainability improvements for their business, stakeholder communities and the environment.

But alone we will not succeed.

Our collective challenges are so great that collaboration and partnership for sustainability is an absolute necessity.

With this in mind, I am delighted to announce that I have joined forces with an innovative consultancy startup, Portevo, to help bring the collective power of these sustainability practitioners to bear on solve the challenges businesses have in implement sustainability at their core.

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The Portevo Platform

Portevo are re-inventing the consulting industry, empowering and enabling a community of the world’s freelance/consulting expertise, through a new type of curated consulting marketplace.

Their platform enables consultants to bid for and collaborate as a collective, creating virtual teams of highly qualified individuals to solve challenging business problems.

For freelance and consultant sustainability practitioners, the platform provides the opportunity to find meaningful projects with companies that they might not otherwise have the opportunity to discover or win.

For companies, the platform offsets the risk and uncertainty of working with freelancers, but opens the possibilities for more agility from engaging hard-to-reach experts.

The new Sustainability Practice is one of nine capability disciplines available through the platform, along with Digital Transformation and Customer Experience.

Exciting Opportunities Ahead

I'm really very excited about this. I hope that by helping my network of sustainability consultants and freelance practitioners to collaborate, together we can facilitate greater, faster positive impacts than working alone.

2022 is going to a big year for Portevo as we ramp up the momentum and liquidity in our marketplace. Having someone with the pedigree of Scott onboard will make that all the more achievable; his experience in sustainability will be a huge benefit to us and our clients.
Andy Harper, Chief Commercial Officer, Portevo

Sustainability Professionals, Join Me.

If you're a sustainability consultant and would like to find out how this could help you multiply your impact, then you simply must get in act now.

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  • Session 2: Thursday 14th April, 11am UK 

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