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How To Create Culture In Hybrid Working better mental wellbeing for hybrid workers

How To Create Culture In Hybrid Working

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Creating Culture and Looking After People 

It looks like hybrid working is here to stay - at least for a while - but what are the challenges this brings for companies and their teams' mental health and wellbeing?
Exclusive Podcast Interview with Ben Towers 

Better Mental Wellbeing in Hybrid Workplaces

In this exclusive TechLeaderTalks podcast interview, I speak with the Co-Founder of, Ben Towers, about the personal and professional experiences in his life that lead to him building the company. Ben also shares his opinions on how the balance of work-from-home and office-based work will develop over time. He talks about the difficulty and importance of building relationships in hybrid workplaces.

Exclusive Interview With Tahora's Co-Founder

Ben shares an interesting conflict in our modern hybrid workplaces - whilst most employees say they want to be able to work in hybrid teams, research shows that half of UK workers are planning to leave their job because of a lack of connection or belonging.

His work at Tahora is to help workers find and engage with other people in their company based on interest and (approximate) location. Essentially, Tahora helps employees find colleagues with similar interests in the areas that matter to them, either when in the office or when working from home.

With this, Ben sees that employees are able to feel part of something, developing relationships and connections across the business no matter where they spend their working hours.

My biggest fear is that social isolation is part of your day job.
Ben Towers, Co-Founder

Fostering Better Employee Wellbeing

Previously I’ve talked about how employer responsibility for employee wellbeing has blurred in the WFH/Hybrid world. Employers need to take on responsibility for health, safety and wellness of their staff outside the walls of an office in a way they never really had to before.

I’ve also mentioned how there’s a very blurry line between care-of-duty and intrusive prying. Ben is quite clear that for Tahora to gain the trust of employees and employers, privacy and respect are paramount.

Tahora helps foster better employee wellbeing through regular check-ins and by detecting changes in behaviour, supporting the user in finding help, whilst maintaining total confidentiality.

Listen to the podcast now to hear more from Ben and learn how he thinks the digital mental health ecosystem will change in the coming years

Listen to the interview now:
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