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Hyperlocal Air Purification Gets a Boost

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Air Quality is something that’s been on my mind for quite a few years, in particular, “hyper-local” air quality.

In 2018 I observed was that even though all of the apps and websites I could use were telling me that the air quality in my neighbourhood was top-notch, I could smell the smoke of the newly installed wood-burners down the street.

That sent me on a voyage of discovery that highlighted a major weakness in our understanding of air quality. Our best knowledge today comes from models and interpretations of high quality data derived from a relatively low number of locations. These models simply don’t know that Jennie at number 48 sparks up her wood-burner in the evenings, or that Pete is a mechanic specialising in restoring classic cars, often belching out black sooty smoke from old broken engines.

So I prototyped something I described as a hyper-local air quality measurement device to measure the air we actually breathe. I didn’t have the resources to take my prototype further, but I now work with companies that have.

You can find out more about my project here

The push back I have often heard is “So what? If I know the air is bad in a particular outdoor place, what can I do about it?”

The only answer I have had so far is to either avoid it, delay your journey or wear a respirator.

Now, this startup, Praan, from India seems to have a very interesting idea for providing hyper-local air cleaning devices that are even net-positive.

Praan just raised an undisclosed sum of money as an extension to the $1.56 million raised in January to help stabilise their supply chain, expand the team and ramp up production.

Good luck to you Praan.
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