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Sustainable Technology News

In this week’s tech with purpose news summary, you’ll find articles covering EU funding for sustainable technology research and innovation, several reforestation/deforestation articles as well as the topic of “human touch for good”, mega trend investment, milking tech and fossil-fuel-free steel in automotive.
If you want to jump straight to the news, scroll down, but before you do, I have some other updates to share, so carry on reading…

New Impact Tech Video Series

Building on the popularity of the TechLeaderTalks video interviews, I am launching a new series of interviews, in a novel new format.

The idea behind this new format is to bring you interesting perspectives and ideas from sustainability technology companies and impact tech leaders in a panel-style question and answer format.

Building on the feedback you gave me on the previous series, this format will produce bite-sized, more easily consumable videos in a virtual panel session between leaders of companies aiming to have a positive impact on this planet, aligned to the UN SDGs.

To find out more about this exciting new series, including the initial questions and how to get involved, simply hop over here.  

More TechLeaderTalks Interviews To Come

It’s not stopping there!

I still have some amazing interviews to publish from the original TechLeaderTalks series, next up will be an interview with one of California’s big tech companies, Qualcomm. If you haven’t already registered for email updates, do that now so you don’t miss this interview. Register below, plus when you do, I will plant a tree on your behalf.

Talking of trees …

5 hectares and something new

Check out my video on LinkedIn for an update on the tree-planting campaign and where it’s going next

Sustainable Development Tech News Follows:

Summary of this week’s most important

Tech With Purpose News

These are the announcements, news articles, comments and opinions that caught our attention in the last few days. These cover updates regarding technologies, companies and organisations addressing the UN SDGs, Tech With Purpose, TechForGood and other technology focused topics related to sustainable development.

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