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Integrating Buildings Into Our Lives and Societies

Real estate is not only concrete structures, with smart technology it has more of a sociological effect that, at the end of the day, is our environment, where we are living, where we are speaking and connecting. I think what the future will bring is in this connecting those and creating a really human kind of technology for buildings.

Soner Haci

Soner Haci talks with me about how his experience led him to a realisation that buildings are more than just structures, and how he is working to make buildings intelligent, not just smart.
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My Thoughts on the Conversation

I find the way that Soner thinks about buildings inspiring. Buildings to him are not just structures or landmarks, they are data structures and potentially intelligent objects that can cooperate with us.

Soner talks about his experience, and how by spending time with building owners and managers, as well as designers, architects, physicians and doctors he developed an appreciation that buildings could be even more part of our lives than they are today.

With this in mind, buildings could be developed to improve human wellbeing, by adapting to moods, or securing air quality. They could also be talking with each other and other entities in the built environment, like transportation and infrastructure, to help reduce reduce congestion pollution, and, reduce wastage.

In a theme that is echoed across many of my conversations with tech leaders like Soner, it was interesting to hear how he thinks that technology can sometimes get in the way of itself, resulting in user confusion and even fear. For great technology to really succeed and do good, it needs to be approachable, understanding and sometimes transparent, most of all, it needs to start with the user in mind.

It was also interesting to hear his thoughts on how the pandemic has changed things in the real-estate sector. With so many large multi-tenant buildings now in covid-cryostasis, many owners and landlords are looking to create more intelligent use of these spaces, repurposing spaces to more easily adapt to the needs of the users - and this is where their technology can really come in to play, to help understand not just what the occupants are doing, but also, how the environment adapts to their behaviour, and how changes to the environment can influence new human behaviours.

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