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Communicate Your Portfolio's Impact, Independently

We work with investment firms to showcase their return on impact.

Communicating portfolio impact is good for founders, investor relations and fund-raising.

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Beyond Financial Performance

Your Stakeholders Demand More Than Financial Returns
The world is looking to technology to solve our global challenges, and the startup ecosystem is expected to deliver, and to deliver fast!
We’re already seeing VCs switching on to the opportunity that Impact has to offer. They recognise that Impact can be a source of value to startups, from boosting performance to reducing risk. Some of the biggest and most valuable businesses of the future will be Impact startups.
As such, stakeholders are seeking more visibility from investment firms on the impact they are helping achieve.

Investment firms are increasingly demanding impact from their investments.

Most funds are not focused on communicating the impact.

This is what we do,
and we do it very well.

Add Independent Coverage To Your Offering
Expert sustainability + tech content that aligns your portfolio's vision and firm's objectives with stakeholder interest and market context.

Deliver more value and insight to your investors.

Nurture your portfolio to success.

Improve future fund-raising.

Attract outstanding, purpose-driven talent.

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A trusted, independent voice, focussed on the intersection of sustainability and technology.

A few more details on the 
The Proposition

Independent coverage from a respected sustainability technology brand that adds power to your stakeholder communication and portfolio.

In a bit more detail:

Working together we identify which of your portfolio would make good candidates to be featured on Well, That's Interesting Tech!.

We conduct a short interview with a leader of the startup - typically a founder - about their passion, purpose and vision.

We spend time with relevant partners in your firm about the fund's mission and objectives, along with the reasons behind the specific investment.

From this, we create an independent article that positions the startup within the context of the global challenge they are seeking to address, including comments from them and your firm.

Both parties are provided a private preview of the article for fact-checking. Well, That's Interesting Tech! retains editorial control to protect the integrity of the independence.

Together all parties plan the release date and collaborate on the launch promotion across social media. Well, That's Interesting Tech! will continue to provide proactive social media promotion.

Both your firm and the startup will be able to cite the article in publications, communications and marketing materials as an independent opinion and validation.

Partnership Built on Trust

Our objective is to develop long lasting, trusted partnerships with impact focused funds and investment firms - yet we realise this must be earned.

All our partnerships have started with a single project, and built on mutual trust and value creation, so why not get in touch to discuss an initial project, and see how we get on together...

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