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tech with purpose protect water using iot

IoT Protects Water, AI & Microbes, Printing Lungs

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Tech With Purpose News

In today’s Tech With Purpose News Summary you will find articles that cover LED technology that can disinfect using visible light (not ultra-violet!), how broadband is helping Telefoncia leverage the ESG growth, AI in use to improve wellbeing with microbe technology, a startup that uses Internet of Things to protect our water supplies, 3D printed lungs and much more, including the UN’s priorities and the launch of Horizon Europe.

Artificial Intelligent Microbe Health Lab

From artificial meats to bio-enzymes, Europes first bioscience AI lab in The Netherlands,, looks to speed up innovation through the development of accurate AI based models of microbes, bioprocesses and the combination of both. Read more here.

Quatum Ethics and AI

We’ve not even realised the potential or manage the issues of ethics of artificial intelligence on traditional computing infrastructure, and quantum is about to give this an expoential boost. So, it’s good to see the question of ethics in quantum is already getting attention Read more here.

Has COVID Sparked an Irreversable Education Revolution?

The entrepreneur and education revoluiton according to Roger Hamilton. What does this mean to the future of education, and Elon Musk’s $5 million investment in Khan Academy, Features Roger Hamilton, Richard Branson and a Bloomberg interview. Read more here.

3D Printing Lungs

3D Systems’ newly developed Print to Perfusion process enables 3D printing of high-resolution scaffolds which can be perfused with living cells to create tissues, in particular human lungs. Read more here.

Lighting Up Bacterial Disinfection with LED

I don’t often talk about electronic components, but this is worth a mention. Whilst viruses can be killed with UV light, certain wavelength visible light can also disinfect bacteria. This particular LED from Nichia uses that characteristic to disinfect as it illuminates Read more here.

Telefoncia’s Broadband Plays well in ESG

Telefonica’s focus on UN SDGs with it’s broadband modernisations and focused rollout to underserved communities helps it attract ESG investment. Read more here.

European Sustainable Technology Innovation

The launch of Horizon Europe sets in place a new path to the funding of sustainable technology development. Europe account sfor 20% of the worlds R&D activities, and the European Commission hopes this will set in place the necessary tools to deliver more innovation in sustainble supply chains and circular economies. Read more here.

UN Secretary General Lays out top 10 priorities

UN Secretary General sets out his ten priorities, with tackling and recovering from COVID toping the list, including improved health and education systems. Also in his priorities, he talks of dealing with chronic disrimination tht the pandemic has exacerbated, plus how digital technologies need to level the playing field for all, not create more divides. Read more here.

Swiss Start Up uses IOT to protect water

With water supplies predicted to fall short of demand by 40% in the next 10 years, Swiss startup, Droople is using IoT to help protect it. Their recent article discusses the Diamond-Water paradoxs Read more here.


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