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You help technology companies bring their innovative ideas, products and services to life.

scott - writer and technology coachI write hand-crafted articles that explain technology propositions in a way that anyone can understand.

Working together we can create something bigger.

I offer my services and experience to companies that need to excite and engage people who are not familiar with their technology, in particular this could include customers, partners, and of course, investors!

I am sure you have worked with companies that could do with a little help explaining and communicating their ideas. That’s where I can help.

Partnering together would help you stand out from the crowd. You would be able to provide additional marketing services to up-sell, or use as a value-add in your pitch, helping you both win more business and deliver an enhanced service that impresses your customers, turning them from happy to loyal customers.

Partnering to help you:

Tick more of the boxes

You already can do a lot for your customers. Partner with me to provide even more value.

By ticking more of your customer's boxes, you could differentiate against your competitors to win more business, increase customer satisfaction and even go some way to helping your customer's success - which in turn could help increase their life-time-value to your business.


Helping You, Helping Your Customers

Talking about technology in a way everybody understands is not easy, yet is so important for every technology-based company. For many technology-led projects, the technology leads the conversation for far too long, making it harder to achieve critical mass and success.

As your partner, you could offer plain-speaking, 3rd party content that helps tell your customer's story in a context that all their stakeholders will enjoy and understand.

As one company said to me, "I fully understand how hard it is to simplify technology so everyone understands".

I've been honing and refining this skill for more than 20 years.


Content that explains the context and product in language that is accessible to all.

This means no-one is left feeling confused. Which is especially important for communicating with customers, partners, investors, indeed, any stakeholder.

Third Party

A third-party perspective adds depth and authority to any message.

So often the content I have created as positioned as "don't take my word for it, look what they had to say". 

This is really quite powerful.


Any good story starts with carefully setting the scene. 

Creating empathy and emotional buy-in is key to creating understanding and excitement. A carefully selected and well-explained context is fundamental for this.

How This Would Work

Let's keep this as simple, as straight-forward and as beneficial for all parties as possible.

I will provide you with content to include in your customer pitches as an up-sell or value-add on top of your services. You can position me as "in-house resource" or an external partner, whichever works best in your pitch.


We would agree a day-rate for my services, and would collaborate on the estimate you make to the client.

You mark up the day rate as required.


You facilitate an introduction between myself and your customer.

I pay you a pre-agreed share of the profit made on the project.

Let's Talk

How we work together will be very much directed by your, and your customer needs. Let's discuss what those needs are and how we might be able to work together.

Get in touch via LinkedIn, email or using the form below.

Need something else?

Beyond the services on the blog, I can offer my extensive experience in marketing, technology development and start-ups. Read more about how I could add value on LinkedIn.

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