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Josh Clemente - Founder, President Levels Health Talks Metabolic Health Diabetes SpaceX yperloop and Biowearables

Levels, Tackling the Metabolic Health Crisis with Biowearables

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Metabolic Health, Pre-Diabetes, Diabetes and Alzheimer's Disease

This is the collision of two pandemics and if we can increase  metabolic health we can very likely improve resilience to the next viral attack.

Josh Clemente

Founder & President, Levels
Josh Clemente talks about his personal awakening to the global metabolic health crisis, and how Level's biowelarable technology aims to help individuals take control.
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My Thoughts on the Conversation

Josh’s experience at SpaceX and Hyperloop led him to a moment of personal awakening about his own, and the global metabolic health crisis. 

I found his comparison between systems engineering and the projection of individual metabolic health from a single blood sample fascinating. He said, that if a systems engineer were to extrapolate an outcome from a single data point, they’d be fired, but this is essentially what happens when doctors measure glucose levels at an annual check up.

As a cyberneticist at heart, it was music to my ears to hear Josh talk of ‘closing the feedback loop’. With their continuous glucose monitor biowerable technology, they want to help people get a real-time, personal understanding of how their individual metabolic systems react to foods.

Josh and the Levels team are so passionate about what they do, one of the reasons being that they believe the metabolic health crisis is enormous, yet unspoken. Some of the numbers Josh shared with me are staggering:

  • Globally half a billion people are type 2 diabetic
  • 88% of US adults are metabolically unhealthy, and,
  • 90 million of them are pre-diabetic (with health conditions trending towards diabetes type 2)
  • The cost of healthcare for diabetes in the USA alone is $600 million

Also, it was interesting to learn the link between metabolic and mental health. I was unaware that Alzheimer's disease is now being taught as diabetes type 3, since it is an insulin resilience that effects the brain.

We talked about how the future of medicine will be data-driven, and how we should be capturing as much data about our health as we can now, in order to help improve our future health care.

From a technology point of view, the main component is based on commercially available continuous glucose monitor patches, which stream data to a smartphone. Combining that raw data with meal-tracking via their app, they can provide feedback about how the body reacts to specific meals.

We talked about how COVID has fast-tracked the telehealth transformation and that he’s hopeful that the current regulations will flex enough to allow people to get assess to continuous glucose monitors and the Levels technology, without being prescribed by doctors.

His thoughts about how the regulatory frameworks for HealthTech and MedTech solutions are pragmatic, and I’m keen to learn how these might be interpreted by the medical regulator community.

I can see how this technology would have life-changing impacts, and hope Levels are successful with their current beta programme.

Find out more about Levels and register for their beta programme here

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