9 Step Guide to Marketing For IT Companies

How to Market an it company in 9 simple steps  [ video tutorial ]

Taking the guess work out of marketing for technology companies.

Learn how to market a tech company in 9 industry-proven steps.

Each tip presented in an exclusive short video clip.

Learn how to market an IT company directly from a technology marketing expert.

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Video Series: How To Market For Technology Companies

Tech expert's 9 steps for marketing for tech companies - marketing for it companies

This complementary 9-Step video course will help you create compelling technology marketing content that converts readers to leads.
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Decades of Experience Marketing For Technology Companies

I've been working in technology and marketing roles since 1997. My work has helped launch some of the technologies we take for granted today, and has spanned international mega-corporations as well as nimble startups.

I've distilled this information into a series of nine short video tips to help you create compelling marketing for IT companies.

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Marketing for technology companies in 9 short video clips:

This short video series captures decades of experience creating marketing for technology companies, in 9 simple steps.

How to market a technology company - the 9 steps covered in this video series:
  1. Identify your objective
  2. Confirm alignment
  3. Internal Research
  4. Choose your topic
  5. Research
  6. Write
  7. Review
  8. Execute
  9. Repeat

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