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Perhaps not surprising in today’s world, this edition of the Tech With Purpose news round-up includes a number of MedTech articles helping deliver remote health care and reduce the workload and stress of primary healthcare practitioners, as well as making critical healthcare available to those who would otherwise not be able to access it. For MedTech leaders reading this, there’s an interesting article on how to interpret some of the recent NHS structure and budget changes. In AI news, we look at enterprise water risk, reducing bias and communicating with your dog.

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Today’s Tech With Purpose News Summary

Reduce group think, hire diversely and combat AI Bias

AI bias starts with the workforce. Your teams should reflect the people you are trying to serve, so how to build diversity, equality and inclusion from day 1? Read more here.

Funding and collaboration considerations for MedTech in a post-pandemic NHS

Interesting opinions on the near-future changes that the legacy of COVID will have on the NHS, and some opportunities and funding considerations for MedTech organisations Read more here.

AI has a carbon footprint, too

The article includes uses cases for AI in helping address Climate Change. The cover some of the often talked about focus areas for measure, monitor, model and predict, but a couple of other interesting aspect. Also it points out that, yes, AI does have its own carbon footprint and its not inconsequential Read more here.

Tech that aims to reduce vaccine misinformation

A handful of stories about MedTech successes, including an actual use case of robot surgery (minus the 5G bit), CRISPR and tech to help track down and eliminate vaccination mis-information Read more here.

Reducing Primary Health Care Practioner Fatigue

Medical devices, telemedicine and virtual consultations, technologies that are helping to provide more people access to better health outcomes, and reducing primary healthcare practitioner fatigue Read more here.

BT’s Green Tech Event Is Open for Registration

Register here for BT’s upcoming Towards Net Zero event, which aims to showcase new thinking from the world of technology and the public sector, this event will explore the vital role that technology and working together can play in the UK’s green recovery. Read more here.

Apple Aligns Pay With ESG goals

Apple announces plan to align executive compensation with environmental goals. According to Reuters, the company will modify the bonuses “whether the executives act within the company’s social and environmental values.” Read more here.

Improving Material Sustainability of Renewable Energies

With the recent growth of renewable energies, like solar, it’s important to think about the sustainability of the technologies and materials that make it possible. This Canadian greentech company has raised a further $5m to do just that Read more here.

AI and Satellites Help Identify Enterprise Water Dependency

Last month I shared an article on an investment company creating a hedge fund for water. This startup uses AI and satellite imagery to estimate the amount of water a business relies on, helping investors understand their investment’s exposure to water shortage risk. Read more here.

AI helps your dog talk

My AI powered smart speaker often has trouble understanding simple human voice commands, Petpuls aims to understand what your dog is telling you. Read more here.


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