Automating Micro Impacts for B1G1 Members

Creating automated positive impacts with your business
Align B1G1 Giving With Your Business Success

Are you looking to integrate automated B1G1 giving within your business processes?

Do you want to do something good every time something good happens in your business?

Scroll down to discover time saving templates, a step-by-step video tutorial and implementation support with exclusive 25% discounts for B1G1 members.

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Automating B1G1 Giving Impacts

Templates and Support To Help You Do Even More Good
I've integrated automated B1G1 giving impacts across many parts of my business, and now you can too.

Examples of Automated Positive Impacts In My Business

Meeting booking

Provide a day's worth of clean water to a family in Vietnam for every meeting booked through my Calendly page.

New Subscriber

Sponsor a tree to be grown in Kenya for every new subscriber.

Raising an invoice

Protect one-square meter of Australian rainforest every time an invoice is raised.

Website interaction

Custom website interactions trigger micro-impacts to specific United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (UN SDG) related projects.


Contribute to a positive micro-impact towards a UN SDG related project for every subscriber that opens a newsletter.

Mobile Triggers

Trigger specific micro-impacts based on geographic location. For example, trigger a carbon offset when taking a train.

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    Get started with either:

    • The Google Sheet and Zapier templates plus the step-by-step-video tutorial, or,
    • The templates, video and expert, hands-on implementation support.
    Pre-configured Templates
    Templates and Tutorial Video

    If you're comfortable with Google Sheets and Zapier, I recommend the combination of the video tutorial and Google Sheet and Zapier templates.

    This is going to get you started with something that works, and can be extended as you need over time.

    B1G1 members should use the button below to receive the templates with an exclusive B1G1 discount.

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    Implement Together
    Templates, Video + 3 x 35 mins Live Support Sessions

    If you're not completely confident with the technologies involved, then we can do it together over a series of three 35 minute video calls.

    During these calls I will help you set it all up, giving you guidance and showing you how.

    Note: The full tutorial video and templates are included in this package.

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    Non-Member Price: £615

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    If your needs are a little more advanced, or you want to implement micro-impacts in other ways beyond the website contact form, then get in touch with me to discuss your requirements.

    Find out more about how I can help with all you micro-impact needs, here.

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