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More Accessible XR Development, Teaching Nature, Future of Tech4Good

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Tech With Purpose News

This week’s new summary includes artificial intelligence to help small and medium sized businesses with ESG, a weekly Tech4Good webinar with SAP’s Futurist, open roles in a climate accelerator, a real-world social network that needs funding, addressing the young generation digital divide 1 million at a time, XR and VR for all, and should UK school children be taught about the nature and environment in school (uh, yes!).

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SKT support SME ESG with AI R&D IP

Amongst buzzword-bingo headlines, South Korean telecom company SK Telecom works with ethical, social impact tech company Kakao to share open AI R&D IP, plus they create a fund to support SME ESG, in particular, for plastic recycling. Read more here.

Transportation Company on Putting Planet, People First

Investors of Tech for Good transportation assistance company Transreport comment on the growing emphasis of putting planet and people front and foremost. Read more here.

Biodiversity Sampling Bias

Having worked in a big-data company with a proprietary sampling technique, I have an interest in sampling peculiarities, so this article caught my attention. Taking a look at how not to over-look rarer species when measuring biodiversity.  Read more here.

New Climate Accelerator Due To Launch. Open Roles.

Katapult Accelerator is soon to launch their ClimateTech focused accelerator, Katapult Climate. They are currently looking to fill a few open roles. Read more here.

Making XR developer training more accessible

The metaverse is growing everyday, and the impact on how the next generation interact with each other personally and professionally will be significant. Interesting to see here that Unity College has launched more accessible, more affordable MetaVRse training courses to help deliver XR training to more students across more countries. Via Alan Smithson. Read the Unity article here.

Social Networking In The Real World

In a similar tech-to-encourage-you-to-stop-using-tech approach to the Minderful app I covered in this interview, this initiative sets its target on helping to ditch tech and develop real-world connections with real people. Stephen Gray‘s Resbite is looking for investment. Read more here.

1 Million Young People and the Digital Divide

When we think about digital divides we perhaps don’t think enough about the younger generations that are excluded. This is one of those thing that the pandemic has really helped highlight, as we see some student struggle to take part in online classes. Nominet’s 1 million lives programme looks directly at that issue (link to original poster) Read more here.

Weekly Tech For Good Talks

Fantastic series of Tech4Good talks with Tom Raftery, every Tuesday at 5pm CET, check out last week’s here. Read more here.

Compulsory Nature Lessons for Students

As the host of COP26 this year, and an emerging climate champion, I find it somewhat absurd that the UK is still discussing whether or not students should learn about nature and the environment at school. Read more here.


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