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upskilling employees and staff using AI tools

More Efficient Staff On-Boarding Using AI

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Upskilling and Onboarding Staff

A few weeks ago I was speaking with a friend at a large UK based company about some of the challenges they will be facing in the wake of the pandemic.

One of the biggest challenges is staff and skills. Whilst the amount work in front of the company is set to grow more rapidly than in previous years, there will be a hiring freeze as well as a need to close down some of their high-street locations.

As such, there is an increasing focus on upskilling staff from the retail environment to take on some of the more specialised HQ and back-office tasks.

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  • Bratislava, Slovakia
  • ~12
  • 405K
  • Tech4Good (Education)
  • GameChanger (AI)
  • Digital (app)
  • Connectivity

This has some great potential - saving costs, saving jobs and helping loyal employees gain new valuable skills for their future.

The catch is that training can be costly, and when you can't hire more people and the people you already have are maxed out, it is difficult to find the time and resource to do this.

So when I spotted YesElf, I immediately saw the opportunity that lay before them in the post-pandemic world.

YesElf uses Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics to learn how to complete activities from existing subject matter experts in the business. Their software then guides less familiar users, such as new hires, or upskilling employees, through the process or task - just like the expert would.

In other words - through the use or artificial intelligence, YesElf is helping companies create bespoke training solutions for their individual internal systems that allows a more rapid and effective cross-training, on-boarding or upskilling of employees, without the time or resource cost associated with traditional training development programmes.

That sounds like a great idea to me!

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YesElf is a powerful platform that helps users understand any app or software better. It allows them to create nice visual guides that explain how to use these apps or software in a simple way with all their features and extensions. Simply put, users can easily and effortlessly reach their goals with YesElf.

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