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top 7 interesting tech articles covering IoT, AI, Cyber Security, Sustainabiltiy, Cloud and more.

One Year of Interesting Technology

In Digital Technologies, Connectivity, Game Changers, Tech4Good by Scott

About this article:

As this website turns one year old, I look back at some of the Top 7 interesting technology articles.

One Year Of Interesting Technology 

Listen to the Storm

I find myself sitting in a Pergoda, in Slovakia in a thunderstorm, reflecting on the passed year.

I published the very first articles on this website in July 2019, after having just returned from a holiday in Slovakia where the idea was born. Those initial articles covered topics from Windows 10, the future of education, power and festival, the Internet of Things, and not so surprisingly, remote working

Since then, much has changed on the website, and I've focused my efforts on finding technologies that fit into four main themes:

  1. Tech For Good, which includes education, sustainability and health.
  2. Game Changers, including AI, IoT, Edge Computing, Robotics, VR and more
  3. Connectivity which has included articles on 5G, video communications, mobility and LPWAN solutions for IoT
  4. Lastly, Digital Technologies looks into interesting uses of apps, smart home technologies, and implications of living in a digital world like data privacy and cyber security.
Top Technology Articles -

The Most Read Article

To celebrate the first year of this website, I wanted to summarise with a Top 5. It turns out there were far too many Tops to limit to 5 and I ran over a bit to Top 7, so here we go...

Naturally, the first in my Top 5 Top 7 has to be the most read article.

The honours for this prestigious award goes to an article written with the help of BrighterBins. The post covers the topic of how IoT technologies can helps Smart Cities deliver a better environment and experience to their citizens through intelligent waste management.

Top Technology Articles -

The Most Googled

My first thought of what might have been the most Google'd article was, that given the pandemic, the articles on video conferencing and Zoom's privacy policy would have been the winners.

It turns out, perhaps also due to the impact COVID19 has had on businesses, the post with most Google searches relates to cyber security.

Top Technology Articles -

The Most Shared

When I spoke with this company from the Czech Republic, I had no idea how much interest there would be for technology to improve sustainability in transportation.

The article looks at the impact transportation has on air quality, how that links to the UN's Sustainability Goals and how some simple first steps towards digitisation can make big differences.

This post ended up reaching over 25,000 people on Facebook.

Top Technology Articles -

The Most Surprising

One of the things I love about doing this work, is how much I learn every day. Many times, I find out quite remarkable, quite surprising things.

In this article on IoT technologies for shipping, I discovered the trade value of beef between Argentina and Europe. The value is staggering, check it out here...

Top Technology Articles -

The Most Fun

In this article I delved into how much data the internet of things could create and tried to find a way to express that in terms of London Busses.

In short, it is an absolutely enormous amount that could have significant environmental impacts. Read the article to find out how many busses it would fill (spoiler alert: it's galactic!)

Top Technology Articles -

The Most Contray

You might be forgiven for thinking that this magical thing called The Cloud could do almost anything and everything.

In this article I looked at why some companies move technology away from the Cloud and the implications companies can stumble up against when depending on non-Cloud technologies.

Top Technology Articles -

The Most Twitter Engagement

There are many things I post on Twitter that have high engagement, the highest article related post with >20% engagement was again to do with Cyber Security. This time it was Cyber Security and AI, featuring another company from the Czech Republic.

In summary 

During the last twelve months I've met some fascinating companies, with interesting technology doing great things in the world around us.

I'm thoroughly looking forward to the coming years, I expect we'll see some truly groundbreaking technologies emerge, especially in the wake of the pandemic, and the rise of the lockdown entrepreneur.

Join me on this journey, follow me on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook and sign up for email alerts using the form below.

If you have a technology you think should be featured, get in touch, I'd love to know more.

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