Slovakia tourism improves

We had an amazing trip to Slovakia, and it’s clear how much progress has been made across the region since our visit last year.

We noticed continued investment in infrastructure and tourism, resulting in a perceivable increase in the number of international visitors. However, it is clear there is still much more to be done. Major highways are still being built that will make the region much more accessible and more effort could be made to present information in English for foreign visitors (this is something I would be glad to help with).

Our experiences

Staying in a variety of locations, from a remote cottages (locally known as a chata) in valley villages to apartments in a Medieval town and 4-star spa hotel in the mountains we enjoyed simplicity and sophistication, thoroughly enjoying the nature, culture, and food.

Our children also thoroughly enjoyed it – improving their language skills, building stronger relationships with our Slovakian extended family, stroking brown bears, getting close to nature, riding in a gondola through the clouds, swimming, swimming and more swimming, hiking through the gorges and climbing the ladders at Jánošíkove Diery, climbing any tree insight, and lastly, horse riding.

I’ve uploaded some of my favourite pictures from our trip and look forward to returning.

Now back from our trip, you can expect to see more technology articles from me 🙂



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