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Ready for Game-Changing DAC tech from Tokyo?

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Standby for something game-changing.

I believe that while technology (rather human’s incessant drive for technology advancement) is to blame for our current global predicament, technology can and must be a big piece of our salvation.

Systems like Climeworks direct-air capture (DAC) have garnered a lot of attention recently, with the billions pouring in to them acting as an echo of my thoughts and hopes – New technologies can find the funding and momentum they need to succeed.

So when I saw this headline, I had to pay attention.

DAC sucks CO2 from the air, like a giant, energy-sucking monster sponge. It works, but the amount of energy it requires makes its viability marginal … unless you tap into other sources of energy like Climeworks do with geothermal heat in Iceland.

This innovation from Tokyo Metropolitan University offers hope of a new bread of more efficient, faster direct air capture.

The new system uses a compound called Isophorone diamine (IPDA) in a process known as “liquid-solid phase separation”. In a lab setting it was found to remove carbon dioxide at levels found in the atmosphere (400 parts per million) with 99% efficiency… plus at a rate twice as fast as other systems, and with considerably lower heat requirements.

Take my money. This is an innovation to pay attention to!

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