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Rewarding Recycling

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Solving the global waste disaster by empowering people to make an impact.

EcoNation is a mobile eco-metaverse mapped to the real world, rewarding EcoActions with Tokens & utility NFTs, owned and governed by the community. With EcoNation you become a virtual landowner and earn from all eco-actions on your land.

To take part you can download the app, join 30,000 users worldwide and start earning EcoCredits. Spend them in the marketplace for interesting rewards and track your impact.

Company Details:



Seed <€1M

Currently seeking funding

Success Stories

Where is this tech making a difference?

Genesis country number two for EcoNation is Indonesia and has a special real-life utility:

For every NFT minted we will create the biggest NFT community organized Cleanup and collect 10kg waste out of the nature in Indonesia with several partners.

How this relates to the SDGs

We have built a Circular Economy platform that rewards correct waste management.

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