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Rollable Solar Tech Company Raises £2.4M

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It seems all I have done in the passed couple of years is look for the positives in a series of global catastrophes – from climate change to COVID and now a very troubling conflict on the European continent.

However, one of the things that will be undeniable following the events that are still unfolding, is just how intertwined the fossil fuel industry is across nations and all other industry.

With this, I expect to a see significantly increased emphasis on energy sovereignty and self sufficiency, and with that a huge drive in investment in #GreenTech and #CleanTech.

Today I see that UK based Solivus has just announced a successful fund raising campaign for £2.4M, helping them bring their thin, flexible solar panel technologies to more residential and commercial properties.

Congrats to Jo Parker-Swift and her team at Solivus.

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