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SDG Innovation, Integrity, Carbon Nanotube Plasters, Fetal Heart Disease

SDG Innovation, Integrity, Carbon Nanotube Plasters, Fetal Heart Disease

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Tech With Purpose News

In today’s edition of the Tech With Purpose newsletter, there are articles looking at AI to protect waterways and “humanistic AI” to help detect fetal heart conditions, as well as smart nanotube bandages to alert of infection. However, I think the most important article today relates to integrity. I thoroughly agree with this article, especially when seeing the amount of companies re-positioning themselves as focused on ESG or SDG innovation, with very little integrity behind it. With this in mind, please do look through the articles and let me know which you think score high on the “3 I’s” of integrity, innovation and impact. Leave a comment, why don’t you.

Smart Bandage Diagnoses Infection

A new type of medical wearable technology uses carbon nanotubes to monitor for infection, raising an alert via a smartphone app to the user or healthcare provider. Read more here.

DataRobot’s AI for Good protects waterways

I wrote about DataRobots AI for good programme previously. This article looks at one of the tech organisations in the first cohort. Anacostia Riverkeeper, a group that monitors water quality in the Chesapeake Bay rivershed, built a system to predict E. coli levels in the waterways and now AI can predict water quality across the whole region. Read more here.

Humanistic AI improves detection of fetal heart defects

New Machine Learning tool doubles a doctor’s ability to detect heart defects in unborn children Read more here.

BAE Systems join Race to Zero

Whilst building machines of destruction, BAE Systems recognises the importance of using its highly skilled resources to give something back to the planet, and joins the Race to Zero campaign. In addition to electrification of naval craft and associated machinary, they are helping develop next generation simulation technologies to provide more training solutions that don’t require flights, which in 2020 apparently saved 75 million litres of aviation fuel (equivalent to 184,000 tons of CO2) Read more here.

Globe claims 5G roaming and UN SDG 9

Globe partner with AT&T and Telus to provide 5G roaming across North America, and includes its commitment to UN SDG 9 (innovation, industry and infrastructure) in part of this announcement. Whilst not casting any particular aspertions, the next article in this week’s news makes good follow on reading regarding ‘integrity’. Read more here.

Related Articles

SDG, Innovation and Integrity

For the budding tech impact entrepreneur, some great advice: ‘The 3 I’s are: integrity, innovation and impact.

According to Kommal, ‘integrity of self is: Internal (me), External (my) and Beyond (us). Integrity is also about your ‘why’ and reason for starting and sustaining an business offering. Integrity is also closely tied to being a sustainable business for purpose. The UN Sustainable Development Goals are a great starting point to look and where the alignment is with the global goals and entrepreneur.’ Read more here.

Hewlett Foundation looks for Tech For Great

The Hewlett Foundation joins X4Impact as a founding partner to support entrpreneurs who are creating not just tech for godo, but tech for great! X4Impact is a really useful platform full of free data, insights and resources for any one looking to build an SDG related initiative. Read more here.

Smart City Innovation in South Africa

Innovations across mobile, biometrics, IoT, and cloud keep South Africa moving forward towards an SDG focused smart city future. Since announcing the ambition in 2019, the Lanseria Smart City is now “a reality in the making”. Read more here.

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