Take The Headache Out of Getting Noticed

You have a great product, an amazing team and the timing seems perfect. Yet you are still not getting the traction you deserve. Does this sound familiar?

It's time to try something new...
The market for purpose-driven technology solutions and companies is booming, don't miss the opportunity. Discover how my decades of experience in technology, marketing and 'connecting people' can work for you and help your team achieve the success you envision.

Three Powerful Approaches To Getting Noticed

Explore how an independent approach can take the pain out of creating powerful content and help you get noticed.
professional content writer - independent articles

Independent Website Article

Independent articles written for purpose-driven leaders who use technology to make our world a better place.

All articles can be cited and referenced across client websites, in addition to sales and marketing collateral. I do all the hard work, and previews are made available before publishing.

Articles are made available in packages, and all include social co-promotion for additional brand elevation.

Find out more about how easy it is to be featured and the value it will provide to your business.

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independent technology analyst and content writer

Independent Tech Analyst

Analysis and professional content writing to help understand and position technology with purpose companies in the market.
Work can be undertaken either confidentially and anonymously, or in partnership with publicity and co-promotion.
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professional freelance content writer and creator

Professional Content Creator

High quality professional technology content writer and content creation available as content-as-a-service or on a freelance basis.

Hassle-free technology marketing content creation you can rely on from an acclaimed technology marketing executive, with decades of startup and multinational experience.

A professional, personal approach to telling stories that convert reads to leads.

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