Becoming a Business For Good Without Changing Business As Usual

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In this masterclass webinar you will learn how to build sustainable impacts into your business, quickly, easily and automatically!

Join the masterclass to learn:

An introduction to our novel approach

& how this reduces effort, time and cost.

How this can lead to environmental and social impact.

How this approach compares to other common approaches.

How we've implemented this into our business

& the impact we've managed to achieve.

The tools we use to make it possible.

How you can integrate the same ideas into your business.

How to avoiding green-washing when talking about these impacts.

How you can get started.

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Your Host

Scott Stonham

Author, public speaker, Open University Course Contributor, founder of Well, That's Interesting Tech!

Why is the topic so important?

I'm sure you'll agree, we all need a lot more good in our world. 

As businesses leaders, we have an obligation to create and amplify positivity through our businesses - whether that's healing the environment, protecting biodiversity, supporting communities and people in need, or helping our staff through difficult times.

This masterclass will introduce a novel concept that helps companies deliver positive impacts to people, communities and the planet while maintaining focus on the day-to-day tasks of running the business.

This novel approach is easy to get started, quick to implement and scales with your business success - leaving you in complete control.