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Learn how to write content that helps generate leads for your sales team using my 9-step content marketing template.

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9 Simple Steps to Write Copy That Converts

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The Secret To Writing Content That Converts:

Research, Context, Relevance and a good CTA


Writing Content That Converts Readers into leads

Content marketing is more than just writing. In order to create content that converts, and help generate leads for sales, your writing efforts need coordination.

These 9 simple steps will guide you through the process that I use to help my clients achieve content marketing success.

I have also put these steps into a free template that you can download and use to plan your content. Fill in the form below and I will email the template to you directly.

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Writing Content That Converts

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  • Identify your objective

    What audience are you looking to attract? What are you trying to achieve, and once you've achieved it, what do you want to do next with your reader?

  • Confirm alignment

    Is the rest of your organisation aligned with this? What support will you need to be successful?

  • Internal research

    What do your team already know about your target audience, and what value can your company add?

  • Choose your topic

    What topic is both important for your reader and something your organisation can support with or deliver?

  • Research

    Research the topic, find data points that add gravitas to your arguments and statements.

  • Write

    Start writing. Set the scene, use the research to help deliver the message and guide the reader to the conclusion.

  • Review

    Does the content speak to the points in 1-3? Is the research credible in step 5, does it support step 4?

  • Execute

    Publish your content, and get your team and selection of external supporters to help amplify your new content marketing.

  • Repeat

    What worked well, what would you change next time?

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