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Infographic – 4 Steps to Writing Website Content That Converts

When I think about it, I’ve been learning how to write website content that converts since 1996.

The infographic below summarises four of the important content writing lessons I have learnt over the last couple of decades. Read the four steps below to learn how to write professional content that tells your story, and generates leads for sales.

Four key moments that taught me about writing technology marketing content that converts

1Keeping technology language simple

During my time at Vodafone, I was involved in projects that spanned the technology and marketing teams of mobile operators in twenty-six countries. It was hard enough to manage the cultural difference across all these different personalities and teams, let alone trying to get alignment on core technical and marketing concepts.

It was therefore paramount that, as a team, we learned how to create both internal and external marketing content that converted complex technology concepts into ideas that both technology and marketing teams could understand.

As well as learning that not everyone understands tech jargon, I learned that context helps create clarity, and even complex ideas can be understood with a well crafted story.

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2So what?

After my time Vodafone I took on several other executive marketing roles, and was lucky enough to work with some industry legends. One tip I heard from a retired marketing executive who worked with one of the original Californian big-tech companies was “so what!?“.

“So what does this mean for me?”
Essentially, a 60 minute conversation boiled down to this: Your audience must be able to answer “so what does this mean for me?” within six seconds of whatever content you put in front of them.

Today I achieve this by focusing on context and relevance. As an example, within the first two sentences of this page you should have understood that I want to help you learn how to write website content that converts, and that I have a free content marketing guide that you can download.

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3Sales and Marketing

Often the sales and marketing teams are lumped together in an organisation, yet in practice the two couldn’t be further apart.

There’s often a sense of “them and us” in organisations large enough to have dedicated teams. In my career, I’ve seen two very different ways of working across sales and marketing teams, only one of which has proven effective at generating leads for sales – collaboration and alignment.

It can be difficult to bring these two teams together, because they are often incentivised differently, and are motivated by different factors. However, it is imperative that in order for marketing to create content that generates leads, they need to know what sales are able to sell.

Conversely, sales teams can be much more effective if they are aligned with and able to leverage the marketing strategy.

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how to write website content that converts - Content writing - The hardest part is starting. Once you get that out of the way, you’ll find the rest of the journey much easier

4Blank page syndrome

Having spent hours staring blankly at an empty page, writing a word or three, and then deleting them, I learned that starting is often the hardest point.

My trick here is to not worry about a heading, title or “beginning”, make a few bullet points about the topic, find a news article or relevant piece of research and start writing about what makes it relevant. Before long, you will have found your flow, and the rest will be easier.

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4 Steps – How To Write Website Content That Converts

The infographic below summarises the four key learnings about how to write website content that converts.

How to write website content that converts - copywriting tips

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