Automated Sustainability Strategies for Business

Creating automated positive impacts with your business
Micro-Impact Sustainability Strategy for Business

Are you looking to develop a more sustainable strategy for your business?

Do you want to make sustainable positive impacts to societies, families and the environment just by running your business as usual?

Read on to discover inspirational ideas, tools, tips, time saving templates and a step-by-step video tutorial.

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Small Incremental Impacts All Add Up


When developing a sustainable strategy for my business, I wanted something that was budget friendly, and would scale with success.

I discovered the sustainability strategy that is both affordable, easy and delivered a positive impact on society, economies and the environment.

Find out how I can help you implement an automated sustainability strategy👇

Examples of Automated Positive Impacts In My Business

Meeting booking

Provide a day's worth of clean water to a family in Vietnam for every meeting booked through my Calendly page.

New Subscriber

Sponsor a tree to be grown in Kenya for every new subscriber.

Raising an invoice

Protect one-square meter of Australian rainforest every time an invoice is raised.

Website interaction

Custom website interactions trigger micro-impacts to specific United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (UN SDG) related projects.


Contribute to a positive micro-impact towards a UN SDG related project for every subscriber that opens a newsletter.

Mobile Triggers

Trigger specific micro-impacts based on geographic location. For example, trigger a carbon offset when taking a train.

    Real-time Accumulated impact

    My Business - Positive Impact on Society & Environment
    Note: The marker on the map shows "Stonham & Stonham Prof Services Ltd", that is the name of the company that runs this website.

    Sharing My Knowledge

    Helping business leaders develop positive impacts on society & the environment

    Many business leaders have asked how I do this, and how they can implement the same ideas.

    I now share my expertise, helping businesses build their own incremental, automated sustainability strategies.

    So if you want your business to have a positive impact on society, to develop a micro-impact sustainable strategy for your business, then let's get started.

    Video Tutorial

    Learn how to integrate automated micro impacts from your website contact form.

    Watch the video to learn how to integrate your website "contact" forms with B1G1 to create a positive, micro-impact every time someone gets in touch with you via your website.

    The tutorial introduces you to tools and techniques that enable you to create a vast array of automated micro-impacts, limited only by your imagination.

    In the video, I talk you through the high-level building blocks required.

    A more detailed step-by-step, 17 -minute "how-to" video is available with the templates, below.

    How This works

    My goal is to help you create a sustainable strategy for your business that delivers incremental positive impacts every time something good happens.

    Working with me, I will help you discover which of your business activities can trigger a positive social or environmental impact, as well as how to set up the technologies to enable that to happen.

    How to get started?

    Do it Yourself

    Depending on your technical capability and available time, you might want to set this up on your own. In that case, I recommend the combination of the video tutorial and templates to get you going.

    This is going to get you started with something that works, and can be extended over time.


    If you're not completely confident with the technologies involved, then let me help you set it up over a video call.

    Book a call with me and I'll help guide you through the process, setting up the templates for your future use.

    Note: The full tutorial video and templates are included with this call.


    If your needs are a little more advanced, or you want to implement micro-impacts in other ways beyond the website contact form, then get in touch with me to discuss your requirements.

    Find out more about how I can help with all you micro-impact needs, here.

    Purchase Time-Saving Templates

    Start Doing Good Faster, for just £359.

    Ready to build your own automated micro-impacts? Great!

    Use these templates along with the tutorial video to get up and running quickly, with a proven methodology, and preconfigured technology.

    The Zapier and Google Sheet templates, plus the 17-minute tutorial video above are available to purchase, for a one time price of just £359! Once purchased, these can be added directly to your Google Drive and Zapier dashboard.

    Two powerful templates.
    One low price.
    Google Sheets Template
    • A custom designed Google Sheet ready to be used with the Zapier template below.
    • Two sheets: The Contents sheet makes it easy to set up your specific B1G1 giving projects for use in the automation. The hidden Indexing sheet enables the Zap to iterate through the list of available projects, without requiring complex code.
    Zapier Template
    • Zap contains 5 preconfigured steps, utilising IMAP and SMTP by Zapier, Google Sheets and Zapier webhook.
    • Each Zap is linked and ready to be completed with you specific details

    These preconfigured templates represent hundreds of hours of trial and experimentation, and are available to you at a once-off price of just £359. 

    If you're serious about implementing micro-impacts and becoming a business for good  then this single purchase will save you hours and hours of time, helping you do good, faster!

    Step-by-Step Tutorial Video
    17-minute video walk-through
    sustainable business strategies micro-impact positive impact

    The 17 minute step-by-step video will help you get going with the templates even faster.

    The video guides you through:

    • Setting up the Google Sheet with your chosen micro-impact B1G1 giving stories
    • Configuring the 5-step Zap to accept your incoming emails, link with your copy of the Google sheet and sending your customised email
    • An example of how I configure my website 'contact us' forms to trigger the automation
    • Additional impactful integration ideas.
    Purchase Templates

    The templates and video will be delivered by email once payment has been received.
    Payments enabled by Stripe.

    Implement Together

    Templates + Tutorial
    PLUS 105 minutes of 1-to-1 support

    Get the templates, the full 17-minute tutorial video and 105 minutes of hands-on implementation support for £615.

    Why choose this? If you're not confident in the technology platforms, or simply would feel more at ease from a little extra real-time support and guidance to set it up, then choose this package.

    We will work together across three 35 minute one-to-one video sessions to integrate the templates - from the website contact form trigger, through to Google Sheet, Zapier templates and the follow up email.

    Included: 105 minutes of expert support, the Google Sheets and Zapier templates, and the full tutorial video for future references.

    Extra: I will also provide you with promotional codes to help you get started on your journey.

    Book your first call now

    Integration Consultancy

    FROM £750

    Hands-on help to integrate positive impact actions throughout your business.


    I can support with the identification of business process triggers as well as the technical implementation. The output of this engagement will be one or more automated positive impacts, triggered by event(s) in your business process.

    Additionally, I can provide ideas and options on how best to track and communicate your impact.


    The entry level solution includes advisory and implementation, delivering basic system set-up and implementation of a business event trigger to enable automated micro-impacts - such as that demonstrated in the tutorial above.

    Beyond this, scope and pricing will be agreed in advance.

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    includes a complementary positive impact

    Get in touch with me using the form below to ask any other questions with no commitment.

    Every enquiry made through this form will trigger an automated positive impact as a way to say thank you for getting in touch, details of which will be included in the follow-up email.