Become a Business For Good

Without Changing Your Business as Usual
Automating Postive Impacts

Did you know you can make a positive impacts simply by running your business as usual?

Would you like to know how to turn your business into a force for good quickly, easily and without breaking the bank?

It's easier than you think...

Why Integrate Sustainability Into Your Business?

The Benefits of Turning Your Business Into A Force For Good
There is no doubting the need for more good in this world. As businesses owners, we have an obligation to create and amplify positivity through our businesses - whether that's healing the environment, protecting biodiversity, supporting communities and people in need, or helping our staff through difficult times.
But there's more reasons than that...

Positive Business Impact From Doing Good

Businesses with purpose, those with clear sustainability plans have been proven to perform better than those without.

Businesses like this find it easier to hire and retain staff, easier to comply with their customer's ESG requirements and are increasingly the preferred choice for consumers.

On top of this, integrating sustainability into your business will help reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction and increase profits.

Sustainability is crucial for corporate strategies.
Embedding sustainability in strategy is essential to meet evolving investor pressure, consumer demand, and regulatory requirements. Sustainability has also been proven to attract top talent, reduce costs, and boost profits.

Add Positive Social and Environmental Impacts Into Your Business

It's easier and cheaper than you think
Discover how to EASILY and QUICKLY implement a sustainable strategy for your business, that is budget friendly, and scales with success.

What People Say

At Well, That's Interesting Tech! we've developed a novel approach to doing good within our business that has really got people talking.
Video Interview
Scott Talking with B1G1 Co-Founder about Automated Positive Impacts

B1G1 is a global platform dedicated to helping businesses donate to good causes that align with the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals.

B1G1's co-founder, Paul Dunn, interviewed Scott to learn more about integrating micro-impacts into businesses.

Award Winning
One of the World's Most Inspiring Businesses.

Having caught the attention of the author of the World's Most Inspiring Businesses book series, Steve Pipe, Well, That's Interesting Tech! was nominated as one of the world's most inspiring, purpose driven businesses.

sustainability strategies for small business - most inspiring
1000s of positive impacts delivered for families, communities and the planet.

Perhaps most important is the actual impact. Our work on Well, That's Interesting Tech! delivers many types of impacts, helping improve lives, heal our planet and tackle climate change.

We've planted mini-forests, removed tonnes of CO2 from the environment and helped hundred of people across the planet.

The counter below shows our realtime impact through just one of these:

Our Global Impacts To Date:

For more examples of how we've implemented micro-impacts across our business and the impact we're achieving, simply scroll down the page ⇣

How To Build Good Automatically Into Your Business

Our philosophy is to start small, start simple and build for growth.

To help you do the same, we've created a simple template with bonus step-by-step instructional video to help you quickly and confidently build micro-impacts into your business as usual.

Doing Good On Contact

The template helps you do good, by sponsoring a tree to be grown every time someone engages with your company through your website.

Get started, purchase the template and step-by-step video now, below ⇣

Purchase The Template

Start Doing Good Faster.

Ready to build your own automated micro-impacts? Great!

Use this template to get up and running quickly, with a proven methodology, and preconfigured technology.

As a bonus, we've recorded a step by step instructional video to help you configure the template to your specific needs.

The template and bonus tutorial video are available to purchase for just £199!

The trees will cost you $1 each, but apart from that there's no other cost, and you can turn things off and on, scale things up or down as you wish, at any time.

Once purchased, the templates can be added directly to your Zapier dashboard and used again and again.

Simple, Yet Powerful
Start doing good, faster, with confidence.
Zapier Template
  • The Zapier template contains 3 pre-configured steps, utilising IMAP and SMTP, a connection to Digital Humani.
  • Each Zap step is pre-linked and ready to be completed with your specific details.
Step-by-Step Instructional Video

The instructional video explains the concept in action, guides you through configuring each step of Zapier template and how to test it.

And there's more!
Additional Value To Your Company For Free!
After implementation you will be invited to join our hall of fame, and we'll even remove CO2 from our atmosphere on your behalf!
Showcase your company (free)
Logo, description, link to website
Social Media (free)
Promotion on Twitter, LinkedIn etc
Carbon Removal (free)
CO2 removed on your behalf, including your digital certificate

If you're serious about implementing micro-impacts and becoming a business for good  then this single purchase will save you hours and hours of time, helping you
do good, faster!

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Frequently Asked Questions.

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includes a complementary positive impact

Get in touch with me using the form below to ask any other questions with no commitment.

Every enquiry made through this form will trigger an automated positive impact as a way to say thank you for getting in touch, details of which will be included in the follow-up email.

Examples of Automated Positive Impacts In My Business

Meeting booking

Provide a day's worth of clean water to a family in Vietnam for every meeting booked through my Calendly page.

New Subscriber

Sponsor a tree to be grown in Kenya for every new subscriber.

Raising an invoice

Protect one-square meter of Australian rainforest every time an invoice is raised.

Website interaction

Custom website interactions trigger micro-impacts to specific United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (UN SDG) related projects.


Contribute to a positive micro-impact towards a UN SDG related project for every subscriber that opens a newsletter.

Mobile Triggers

Trigger specific micro-impacts based on geographic location. For example, trigger a carbon offset when taking a train.

    Real-time Accumulated impact

    My Business - Positive Impact on Society & Environment
    Note: The marker on the map shows "Stonham & Stonham Prof Services Ltd", that is the name of the company that runs this website.

    Sharing Our Knowledge

    Helping business leaders develop positive impacts on society & the environment

    Many business leaders have asked how we've implemented micro-impacts into our business, and how they can implement the same ideas.

    We can now share my expertise, helping businesses build their own incremental, automated sustainability strategies.

    So if you want your business to have a positive impact on society, to develop a micro-impact sustainable strategy for your business, then let's get started. Get the cost-effective, time-saving template now.

    Get the template now