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Technology and Sustainability Speaker

Speaking Engagements and Events 

You can find me talking about sustainability topics at the following events.

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Speaking at Events:

Discover some of the recent shows Scott has taken part in. Click on the images to be taken to the episode.

Private events - sustainability and technology workshops and presentations

Private event: Scott presented the topic of sustainability to approximately 600 employees at an internal company event at the ICC in Birmingham. The presentation sought to expand awareness and challenge individuals to make sustainable changes across the business.

sustainability workshop

Scott provided an interactive sustainability workshop for curriculum and team leaders at SGS college in Bristol, UK. The workshop was intended to harmonise thinking on the topic and provide practical advice that could be used in teaching as well as campus operations.

Private events - sustainability and technology workshops and presentations

Private event: Presentation on sustainability and technology, with a focus on digital carbon footprints, to technology leaders from the UK's academic and scientific research archives.


Scott joins Duncan Prior on the Making Things Work podcast to talk about sustainability and the role of businesses. Listen to the podcast here.


To launch the Exploring Digital Carbon Footprints report, Scott was asked to provide a keynote speech at Jisc's flagship Networkshop event.

Scott speaks at a global SDG conference about SDG9

Scott joins the global panel to discuss SDG 9: Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation. Find out more here.

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Scott joins Russell McHugh on the Good The Bad and The Ugly podcast to speak about the implications and future developments of 5G and IoT. Find out more here.

ProChat with Vince Comfort & Scott Stonham

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Technology and Sustainability Speaker

Speaking Topics

The following examples are taken from previous speaking engagements. These give you an idea of the topics I can cover. Please do get in contact if you'd like to discuss a related  topic:

  • Digital Carbon Footprints
  • Sustainability Strategies
  • Becoming a Business For Good
  • Technology and well-being and health
  • Emotionally aware technology and the use
  • Who controls the future
  • The future of humanity - technology, automation and our role
  • Sustainable development, how everyone can make a difference
  • Technology for learning and development
  • The future of work and the changing needs of education
  • AI - beast or beauty
  • 5G, what is it and why is it important
  • Internet of Things myth buster
  • Climate change, the possibility for technology
  • Technology and the environment
  • Beginning a career in technology
  • What I learnt about life whilst washing dishes - how to discover your purpose

Plus, many other topics on sustainable technology company trends and directions, location based services (GPS & LBS), artificial intelligence, mobile connectivity and 5G.

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