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Sustainability Speaker and Podcast Guest

Scott can provide presentations and talks that are specifically tailored to your need.

The following are examples of previous speaking engagements. These give you an idea of the breadth of topics Scott can cover with authority.

  • Digital Carbon Footprints
  • Sustainability Strategies
  • Becoming a Business For Good
  • Technology and well-being and health
  • Emotionally aware technology and the use
  • Who controls the future
  • The future of humanity – technology, automation and our role
  • Sustainable development, how everyone can make a difference
  • Technology for learning and development
  • The future of work and the changing needs of education
  • AI – beast or beauty
  • 5G, what is it and why is it important
  • Internet of Things myth buster
  • Climate change, the possibility for technology
  • Technology and the environment
  • Beginning a career in technology
  • What I learnt about life whilst washing dishes – how to discover your purpose

Plus, many other topics on sustainable technology company trends and directions, location based services (GPS & LBS), artificial intelligence, mobile connectivity and 5G.

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