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Social Media and the Environment
How Much Carbon Dioxide Do You Generate Using Social Media?

Why check your social media carbon footprint?

Did you know that you generate carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions while simply scrolling through your social media apps?

Thanks to this work I can now help you calculate how much carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) is generated when you scroll, like or share using your favourite social media apps.

How does it work?

Each social network generates a different amount of CO2e while it is being used. This can be measured as the amount of emissions generated per minute.

Using the form below you can estimate your annual emissions from social media use. Scroll down to begin to check your social media carbon footprint 👣

Get started.

To get going, you'll need a rough idea of how many times you use your apps, and roughly for how long each time.

Input these estimate in the form below and I'll be able to calculate the approximate annual carbon emissions from your social media use. I'll even give you some ideas on how to mitigate your impact, too.

Calculate Your Social Media Carbon Footprint Now.
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Social Media Digital Carbon Footprint Calculator

Use this calculator to determine the carbon footprint of your social media use.

The calculator accepts up to three different social media app, let's get started with the first one...

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Not many people are aware of their social media carbon footprint, yet for some it could be an easy place to make impactful changes.

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