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Preventing Mental Illness Through Improved Mental Fitness

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Technology With Purpose Leader Interviews: Helping Develop Resilience through Mental Fitness We want to build that resilience which is really just a kind of bank of happiness and positivity to actually prevent mental illness Dr Nicholas …

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Solving a connectivity issue, my experience with an eSIM.

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About this article: Faced with a mobile phone line that was stuck in an unrecoverable state, and a phone number that was crucial for two-factor authentication, let alone business, I …

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Why is 5G such a big deal?

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Getting some answers about 5G:How is 5G different from 4G? What are the benefits? And more… When I introduce myself in social settings, the most frequent questions I get back …

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Location and Asset Trackers

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Location Trackers –  Recently I noticed the launch of Vodafone’s latest NB-IoT consumer GPS tracking device, the Curve, and it raised some questions. This article covers a few location-based services …