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Stopping Wildfires Before They Start using LoRA IOT

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Technology With Purpose Leader Interviews: Stopping Fires, Preventing Millions of Tonnes of CO2 We want to detect wildfires at this smouldering stage within the first hour as the fire develops, so that the firefighters …

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Electric Flight, Space Travel – London to LA in an Hour

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Technology With Purpose Leader Interviews: Powering the future of flight with electricity We’re working on moving people faster, faster and further than they’ve ever gone before. To do that we have …

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This Week’s Top Tech4Good News

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Some of the most importantTech For Good and Tech For Impact News  In this article, I look for some of the most important tech4good and tech4impact news stories that you …

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Will Electric Vehicles Take Over?

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Talking about the accelerating Electric Vehicles Market As the UK government announced a ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars that will come into force in 2030, visits …