scott stonham talks about technology and who controls the futrue

Talking about who controls the future

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I was honoured to have been invited to the Reading Entrepreneur Social at the Curious Lounge to share some thoughts on technology, us humans and who controls the future.

I wanted to explore the ideas that whilst technology growth is accelerating as an ever more rapid pace, there has never been a better time for ‘us’ to create incredible impact and good at enormous scale. Starting with a reference to a quote from George Orwell’s 1984, I looked back to see how our ancestors reacted to technological upheavals like the introduction of the railway to see if that can help up understand our current fear of the future. What I found was eye opening and, frankly, jaw-dropping.

Watch the video below for the complete talk.

Thank you so much to Sue Jackson for inviting me.


If you want to explore some of these topics in more detail, here are some of the resources I used when researching the topic:

The Interesting Place

For this talk I was invited to the newly opened Curious Lounge. See the pictures here...



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